Differences Between Dating A Chinese Woman vs. A Japanese Woman

When it comes to dating women, the contrasting personality traits of Chinese vs. Japanese women are something that stands out. Some of these have been highlighted in this guide below to help you better understand the behavioral and cultural aspects of dating these women.

Dating Chinese Women

Chinese women are considered one of the most liberated and confident women in Asian countries. They are highly educated and financially independent They set goals, aim high, and lead in almost every aspect of life.

However, despite being successful at the economic fronts, Chinese women are considered a little dry when it comes down to love life. This is because they are trained to get an education and then start earning as soon as possible. They get little to no time for grooming themselves according to the needs of a relationship.

Despite these facts, Chinese women in love make their men feel the most secure in a relationship and do not burden them with excessive financial pressures. If a Chinese woman really loves her man, she will work on their relationship till the last moment.

Chinese women are more like businesswomen who are confident and have class. They can carry themselves among men with decency and grace. They have zero tolerance for creepers and time wasters.

Chinese women are bold enough to call men out for their obscene and manipulative behavior and do not tolerate disrespect. They are fierce and dominating in both, their work and personal lives.

Dating a Japanese Woman

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While Chinese women are all about independence, work, and straightforward attitudes, Japanese women, on the other hand, are quite feminine. As described by most witnesses who have had experience dating both, Chinese and Japanese women, Japanese women are more likely to become homemakers than Chinese women.

This is because Japanese women prefer staying home, tending to the kids, and doing chores unlike Chinese women, who have a more entrepreneurial drive in them. Part of this behavior can be associated with their cultural conditioning.

Chinese Women vs. Japanese Women

Women of both these nationalities have been exposed to their cultural norms and thus, behave in accordance with what is considered right by people in their social circle. Chinese women are taught to take part in the workforce and doing the right thing. Japanese women, on the other hand, remain less vocal about their concerns and will. They are more focused on being submissive and building their homes.

Which Is The Better Option?

While the internet is flooding with tips and tricks of dating hot Chinese girls, most of the platforms fail to highlight the true nature of these pretty women. This is one of the reasons why most people misunderstand the nature of these beautiful women.

Many potential suitors who have had the liberty to date both the Chinese and the Japanese women are usually more appreciative of Chinese women for their openness and willingness to dominate others. Others, who liked more timid women in a relationship, are appreciative of Japanese women not doing the job and depending on their men entirely.

According to experienced men, Japanese women lower their voices and gaze when communicating with a total stranger. This is the complete opposite of what Chinese women do. Chinese women make eye contact and can talk in high pitched voices.

The final verdict is that Chinese women are better to date than Japanese because most of the Japanese girls lack basic communication skills. Given their utmost shy nature and inability to communicate their preferences, dating Japanese women can become a lot more cumbersome than dating Chinese.

Brief Roundup

Here are a few points to briefly describe the differences highlighted between women of both nationalities.

Acting Feminine

Japanese women act more feminine than Chinese women do. They try to lower their high pitched voices when talking to men, dress up and put makeup on which is the opposite of what Chinese women do. They rarely dress up and put makeup on to attract the opposite gender.

How They Walk

The second differentiating factor is the way women of both these nationalities walk. Japanese women have a more humble approach to walking. There are visible differences between the walks of male and female Japanese people. However, with the Chinese, it is the opposite. All Chinese women do is act like and even walk like their male counterparts.

Working vs. Staying at Home

Chinese women prefer working while Japanese women prefer staying at home. The two choices impact their decisions and expectations about being treated in a relationship.

Security In Relationship

Chinese women are more secure in a relationship than their Japanese counterparts. They are more open to criticism and change. They also make their life partners feel more secure, work on their relationships if anything goes wrong, and tend to stay in them for longer periods of time as compared to Japanese women.


While getting to know a woman and her cultural background is extremely important before one starts dating her, it is also important that women from various cultural backgrounds be more open but their expectations too. It is also important that men and women hold spaces for each other in these difficult times.

A better way for doing this would be creating judgment-free zones for online daters and their preferred women of choice. Nobody is perfect and while some people might like Chinese women more, others might prefer Japanese women.