Fashionable Haircuts for Men to Stand the Test of Time

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First impressions matter, and we all know that. However, while most gentlemen, when headed for an important meeting, pay a lot of attention to their clothes, they mostly leave the hair factor out. You will be surprised when you learn that your haircut is the primary thing that others notice about you, clothes come next.

MensHaircuts have it that some haircuts for men are timeless, and we are willing to agree with the statement. Even though many classy cuts are viewed as modern inventions. They are not. That is why if you want to keep yourself out of any questionable situation when it comes to your hair, classics is the best. Taking all that into consideration, today, we are going to discuss a number of male haircuts that have stood the test of time and proven to be universal and chic up to this day!

French Crop

It would be unfair to state that all cuts suit every gentleman equally. While some haircuts are universal, others fit certain hair types and face shapes. When we are discussing a French crop, it is safe to say that it belongs to the former category. At the same time, the French crop is merely irreplaceable for those going thinner on top but not willing to opt for a buzz cut.

Not only is the French crop universal and timeless, but it is also super easy to look after. So, if you are leading a busy lifestyle, it would be challenging to point out another well-fitting haircut for active men. In the majority of cases, all you need to do is to wash your hair to keep it up with style. However, at times you can work some hair product in to achieve a neater and more elegant outlook.

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Slick Back Haircut

It may hit you as a surprise, but utterly trendy slick back haircut dates as far back as to 1920s. Amazing, isn’t it? Decades ago, it was more of a tribute to hat fashion, which notified the status of the wearer. Such a cut was difficult to ruin and that its ultimate beauty. However, as the times changed, the slick back haircut gained its recognition due to its versatility. Not only can it be matched with all face shapes, but it is also effortless to blend in with a mustache or beard, the attributes which are of high demand at the moment.

The only word of caution would be to state that the cut works with straight hair best since curly mane requires some more effort to style. As to the styling, a fair share of your favorite hair product and a comb are the only accessories needed.

Shoulder-Length Hair

Going short is not for everyone. If you are looking for a cut that will help you maintain that perfect balance between a short and long cut, then a shoulder-length cut is the one to opt for. Shoulder-long hair is classy and can be easily adapted to any style or situation. Whether classy or careless is the look you are aiming at, all is possible with a lightly layered cut.

Surely, the look sounds appealing, and it is safe to say that ladies are simply going crazy for gents with those gorgeous, longer locks. However, the trick here lies in the time required to grow it out. On the bright side, shoulder-length hair is the simplest to look after since leaving it be is the most natural and seductive thing you can do. Of course, if you need to tame those strands of yours, you can always work some little amount of hair product in.

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These days you can see pompadours from every corner, and there is a list of reasons for that. The thing is that the cut is super versatile and can be pulled off with a variety of hair textures, not to mention hair length. At the same time, the thicker the hair is, the easier it will be to keep the cut in place.

Unlike many other cuts, pompadour does not come in one shape or style, so that it can be personalized for each unique look. Nevertheless, one of a kind look is never free, and pompadour belongs to those cuts that require a fair share of maintenance and regular trimming.


In case pompadour seems too high-maintenance for you, there is a more straightforward but no less timeless alternative to it – the quiff. The cut belongs to those styles that can be easily fitted into a teenager style as well as into a businessman’s polished look.

There are two types of quiff, depending upon a soft or edgy look you are looking for, you can choose either classy or contemporary quiff. One thing to be aware of when the option for the cut, just as the pompadour requires a fair share of maintenance too. Blow-drying and putting some hair product in are a must.

Source: MensHairCuts