Four Ways to Froth Milk for Your Instant Coffee

Most of us love instant coffee. That is probably because it takes less time and gives us an almost similar taste as a brewed cup of coffee. However, do you know that adding frothed milk to your instant coffee enhances its taste multiple times?

shixugang (CC0), Pixabay

Frothed milk is usually made by aerating the milk that is adding bubbles to it. There are quite a few ways to do so, and here we are going to share four of the best ones.

Shaking milk in a jar

Just use a simple jar and get the frothing in as little as 45 seconds. First, you have to heat half a cup of milk in a saucepan till it becomes quite warm but not boiling. Fill a jar with 1/3rd of the liquid and shake the same till 40 seconds or so.

The air that is present will create bubbles that you need to give the coffee a thick consistency. In case of any confusion, you can go online to procure more info on the best coffee for cold brews.

Whisking by hand 

It is possible that you do not like the idea of shaking your milk in a jar. In that case, you can try whisking it by hand. Again, like the previous method, you will have to warm the milk beforehand.

The heat provided helps make your milk thicker, and the air bubbles also remain where they should be. Once your milk is heated, you can use a whisker or even a fork to whisk the milk. Add the foam created to your coffee, and you get a delicious cup indeed.

Milk frother

You can call a milk frother a blender version made just for coffee. Usually, they form a vortex in the center of your drink. This leads to the steam being evenly dispersed in the cup of milk. This aerates the milk, and a thick and heavy foam layer can be seen on it.

These frothers come in various versions like manual, automatic, and handheld. If you really want a thick creamy consistency, then the automatic version should suit you the best. Though, it would be more expensive than the other two.

Pulled tea technique

This is a Malaysian method to froth the milk. The trick is to pour liquid from one container into another until you get the consistency you were looking at. More the times the liquid is poured, the better are the chances of getting the bubbles. You may adopt this technique only for the milk or for both milk and coffee separately.


Sipping a cup of coffee at any time in the day energizes a person. To add that extra touch of flavor, you can froth your milk. The above techniques are quite useful in delivering the required taste.

However, experiment with all of them before finally figuring out which one is the most suited to you. Once you figure out the best method, it won’t be much time before you start preparing a hot and steaming cup of coffee that brightens up your day altogether.