Go with the odds or with your guts when playing in a casino?

No one really knows what that “gut” feeling really is, as many of our decisions are made subconsciously but it is amazing what a huge impact it has on our everyday lives and how our gut instinct is completely unique to our personalities – join Daisy slots for 500 free spins. Wherever that gut feeling actually comes from, whether it’s completely derived from the brain or if it is linked to the “gut” in some way, it helps players make gambling decisions and plays a big part in many games. But is this wise and is there a way to bypass this feeling and focus more on the facts?

When it comes to gambling, lots of players, especially beginners or casual gamblers tend to place their bets based on a gut feeling, their intuition, in other words, some to some degree of success and others which prove to be a disaster. But the big question many players wonder does going with the data alone and the odds lead to more profitable betting and is it best to completely know that little voice in your head when your gut is telling you something different?

Many professional gamblers have looked into intuitive, unconscious decisions and how sometimes they provide better results than those players who make calculated decisions based on the data.

It’s fair to say that eliminating the power of gut feelings from your betting strategy completely would be selling yourself short and vice versa, it would be foolish to rely on your intuition alone when it comes to gambling as this would be a very risky move.

For example, when it comes to roulette, there are two types of the roulette wheel, the American and the European wheel and while at first glance they might look very similar and the game itself while you’re playing may feel the same, there is a key difference which can have a huge impact on the outcome of the game. The American wheel has one extra pocket than the European wheel, making the European wheel a much better bet as the odds of winning are greater. However, this certainly doesn’t mean all players choose to play the European wheel – some go with their gut and play the American wheel. And of course, many win despite the odds.

For the majority of players, they choose to embrace a strategy that incorporates both their gut instinct and looking at the odds to see what would be the best approach.

For example, when choosing which slot game would be the best to play in, it would be wise to check out the odds/RTP of a slot game before playing, but using their gut feeling whether they decide to play the game or not, by taking into consideration the facts first and foremost.

Some players have more confidence in their intuition than others and if you have the intuitive talent, take advantage of it and play to your strengths, but don’t ignore the odds entirely or your success may be short-lived!