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Is it your first time buying a gun online? Whether you are a novice in the gun buying business or you are experienced, has all the information you would wish to know about guns.

Gunbuyer also gives you the option of checking out as a guest, making a purchase, and then set up an account after the order is complete.

Gunbuyer coupons

Gunbuyer provides you with the best possible quality of goods, and you have an opportunity to talk with a company representative if you have any issues.

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Springfield 911 380ACP 2.7″ Barrel 6+1/7+1 Platinum/Graphite PG9109PG – $449.99

This is the ideal pistol for your daily use. It has come with a body structure and a size that makes it comfortable and convenient.

When you buy the Springfield brand of guns, you will get a free scope mount, and two additional magazines for new M1A rifle.

APX Threaded Barrel 9MM

Gunbuyer Coupon CodeAPX Threaded Barrel 9MM has a threaded muzzle that enables you to mount it on a compensator or a suppressor.

For the APX Threaded Barrel 9MM and other APX accessories, you will get a 15% off the initial price of the item.

All you need to do is copy the coupon code PRSP and paste it on the checkout so that your bill can be renewed.

The offer is at the Beretta USA store

15% of magazines

The Beretta USA store also offers an exclusive offer on pistol accessories and magazines.

For instance, you can get 15% off the 92/96 series magazines. You can also add the magazine extension for the 92 series, which helps you add 2 more rounds to the magazine 10, 13, 15, and 17 9MM magazines.

Copy the coupon code MAG15 and post it on the checkout before paying for the item.

Dirty Bird 16″ 5.56 NATO Midlength 416R Fluted Barrel – Nitride

The barrel is a vital part of the gun that you cannot afford to take chances with. A high-quality barrel is an essential part of your AR.

Dirty Barrel offers you the versatile Barrel 16” which comes in handy while doing your next build.

The initial price of the Dirty Bird 16″ Barrel was $199.95, but now you will be getting it at $179.95, which is a 10% discount.

Copy the coupon code DBIBARREL to enjoy the offer.

Car FAQs

How do I get my offers and discounts?

For you to enjoy the offers and coupons, you will need to copy the coupon code provided for a particular item and then paste it on the checkout before you can pay for the product.

Why are the coupons important?

The coupons are essential as they help you to get the best products but at a reduced price. This leaves you with some more money that you can use for other purposes.


If you wish to own a gun, whether as a first-timer or otherwise, Gunbuyer has you covered. Gunbuyer offers you promotions and offers that help you to get the best guns and accessories at a pocket-friendly price.