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Pets are one of the most beloved members of our families. They are as important as any human member is and need to be looked after just like our kids. Pets can get lost easily which can cause quite a lot of emotional stress to the pet parent.

In order to avoid situations like these, it is best if pet parents get their pets registered with organizations that look out for their safety. HomeAgain is one such community that is dedicated to caring for pets and making sure they find their way back home if they get lost.

Pet parents are required to make an account with the website and search for a local Home Again vet using their zip code. Once the vet is located, they must take their pet and get the microchip installed in them. Other than microchips, HomeAgain sells other pet products as well and helps pet parents keep their health in check too. all of these services can be availed for a mere $17.99 only.

HomeAgain offers discounts to its members for not only signing up to their website but also for getting the chip implanted and much more. Check out the next section to find out more details about discounts and coupon codes in effect.

HomeAgain Promo Codes & Coupons

$99 Offer

Home Again offers a $99 discount on the purchase of any Home Again item. Customers need to enter code ‘MINIS3’ to avail of this discount.

Discount on Collars

HomeAgain offers its customers a discount of 20% on the purchase of exclusive Home Again collars. The code to avail of this discount is ‘HACOLLARS’.

Membership Renewal Coupon

HomeAgain Promo CodeHome Again offers a 10% discount on the renewal of its membership. Customers are supposed to enter coupon code ‘BILLME’ at the time of checking out. This offer is valid for customers in the United States only.

Discount on Pet Tags & Caring Bag

HomeAgain is offering its customers a one of a kind deal in which it is offering a 25% discount on the total price of pet tags, whether cat tags or dog tags, purchased from their online store. In addition to pet tags, this deal also applies to the purchase of caring bags and mane products. This deal requires no code to be entered.

Microchip Implant Discount

When a customer gets a microchip implanted in their pet for the first time by using their zip code to locate a HomeAgain vet, they receive a 30% discount on total order.

Free Shipping Offer

If a customer shops online and their order is worth $18 or more, they receive a free shipping offer by the HomeAgain online store. The code for this offer is ‘FREESH’. This offer is valid for American customers only.

Sign-up Discount

Use promo code ‘LNK10’ to receive a 10% discount on your first sign-up for Home Again membership.

Other Discounts

HomeAgain offers a 10% discount on the purchase of any item from its store. There are various codes which can be entered to avail of this discount. Two of these are ‘HOME10’ and ‘TWIT10’.

Another 14% discount is available upon entering the code ‘BEMINE’. In addition to the ones mentioned, huge discounts are available on the purchase of pet-related products. The promo code for reaping benefits of this offer is ‘HSMYD15’. Last but not the least, a 15% Discount is available on the purchase of any product using the promo code ‘EASTER15’.

About HomeAgain

HomeAgain is a pet rescuers organization. They are dedicated to looking out for pets’ safety and locating them in case they are lost. All that customers need to do is sign up as members on their website and get a microchip implanted in their pets.

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