How is Bitcoin becoming Real Money? 

When bitcoin was introduced, its value was almost negligible. There are many people who were skeptical about the new digital asset or money as all they were able to do was to gain rewards with the bitcoin, which used to multiply sooner or later to allow users to buy pizzas. In fact, the experts remember how people used to get two pizzas out of 10000 bitcoin, which was around 30 USD. Now imagine the same amount of bitcoins you have that could have made a millionaire as a single Bitcoin cost you around 62KUSD in a majority of life for the bitcoin along with overlapping communities that are seen coming up with the small community in order to get the original investors that are seen coming up with the help of blockchain technology, speculators and aficionados that are seen making some amount of money. Of late, one can see another community is coming up emerging along with the traditional finance kinds.

Bitcoin is seen coming up with the philosophy that instead of coming up with the central bank, it has been driven by the whitepaper of Nakamoto that seemed to have come up with the negative feeling regarding the financial companies. However, soon we saw this man vanishing, and both were seen talking about the pessimism coming to take any action. As the digital currency is seen taking up with the system, one can see things getting supposed to work in order to develop trust on different issues. And we see the prices of bitcoin rising up and giving something really worthy.

Born from a crisis – It’s been more than 12 years when we have seen the finance that is seen over the counterculture. However, in 2008, we have seen a huge recession taking place and all thanks to the banking crisis that seemed to be on the higher mode. We see a group of tech-savvy people and believers being created one, and in the coming years, it soon turned into bitcoin prime. You can even see the impact of this recession in building up the ideology of bitcoin that came first and that too with the growing distrust of the banks and financial institutions.

Ahead of any number, one can find a number of breaches that are seen trusting and taking place in the current financial crisis in a money market fund known as the Reserve Primary Fund that seemed to have come in a very scary way. It seems to have broken the buck along with investing around 1 USD that has given 97 cents in return. The reason behind this is the money market fund, which seems to have been invested by the Lehman Brothers, which happens to be a financial company coming up with the belly up.

While the other digital currencies like Enthereum are becoming the most significant of these companies that are seen coming up with the ICOs that have existed. This can be easily inflated with the blockchain technology that comes up with the agreement taking place in different governments that are seen coming up with certain businesses and products. As the world around the blockchain technology went on to become popular, one can find him to be absolute with no option that is seen accidentally taking place with the different government along with waking up with the new digital currencies coming like taxable along with potentially linked with the investment vehicles.  In the year 2017, one can find the US-based security agencies are also worried about the securities, and that can be moved ahead in order to suit it against the scammy coin ventures that are seen violating the law.

With the digital currency, particularly the bitcoin, one can find it getting traded like a number of venture capital companies owned by people like Andreesen Horowitz, Marc Andreesen, and Draper Fisher; one can find it becoming mysterious. Even the seasoned experts dealing with financial stuff are also seen working in the Exchange-traded funds that can be seen acting like stocks backed with the digital currencies now. Now, we see the price of bitcoin going on the upper side; needless to say that this has come as digital money in the making.