How Is Elon Musk Going to “Conquer” Mars?

Elon Musk is on a mission to terraform Mars or at least create a city in there that will allow future humans to live and save our species should something catastrophic happens. However, there is one big question here: how does he plan to do it?

The Plan

In a nutshell, what Elon plans to do is to send astronauts to the Red Planet. His goal is to get this done as early as 2025. Once that mission becomes successful, he plans to send one million people there. This group of people will colonize the planet and then work their way into becoming a self-sustaining colony. While this sounds so complicated, we are going to show you how Elon plans to conquer Mars step-by-step.

Step 1: Build a Giant Rocket

The first step is to build what they call an Interplanetary Transport System, or ITS. It is a giant rocket that can be used to move from one planet to another. This is no ordinary rocket. The plan is to build it big at 122 meters tall. This rocket is so big that it can carry 550 metric tons.

Step 2: Build a Spaceship

The spaceship is part of the ITS. It will be used to transport 100 passengers. The plan is to build it at 162 feet long and make it a small city by itself. So, what that means is that it has all the amenities you can find in a city. It will have gyms, theatres, study halls, and even restaurants. Of course, the spaceship can carry oxygen and fuel.

Step 3: Launch the Rocket

Once the rocket and spaceships are completed, the next logical step is to launch both of them. What we do not know is if there will be a test launch or if they will have people on board at the first attempt. Of course, the most logical plan is to launch it with a small crew first.

Once the ITS is up in space, it is going to need to resupply fuel and oxygen, which will be completed through the use of refill ships. After this, the ITS will travel to Mars. The rocket that boosted the ITS is going to go back to Earth and will be re-used.

Elon is one of the first people who thought of re-using rocket launchers. For a long time, these things were discarded.

Step 4: Journey to Mars

Once the ITS has refueled, the crew will then stay there for the remainder of the journey. This is rather easy, as the spaceship will just travel in open space. How long? At the maximum cruise speed or velocity, this journey should not take more than three months.

During this phase, the crew will also have to launch the solar panels. These panels will take energy from the sun and then convert it into power that the ship can use. They can watch movies, play sports and even play games at online casinos like theĀ kasyno Wulkan.

Step 5: Landing on Mars

Now, this is one of the most difficult aspects of the plan. Landing on a planet is not as easy as it seems. The atmosphere on Mars is different from our planet. The crew will have to decelerate the ship and use several engines to make the ship land gently on Martian land.

Step 6: Refueling and Colonization

Mars is rich in water and dry ice. What the crew will do is manufacture liquid oxygen and methane to refuel the ship. This will be used to the journey back to Earth. Of course, the ship is equipped with the right machines to do this.

It is also in this step where the crew will set up living quarters on Mars. The trick here is to send ready-made bunkers or houses where people can live. Building from scratch is going to take a long while. It is better to just drop these mini-buildings where the colonizers can live and store their tools. These buildings will be the foundation of the colonization. They cannot stay on the ship forever because the ship will have to travel back and forth to get supplies from the Earth. What this means is that the people will need many of these buildings to be able to build a small self-sustaining community.

Step 7: Repeat the Process

The last step is to send the ITS back to Earth and then repeat the process. This will take decades, as we cannot just send one million people there. This is the part where many people are skeptical about. Some say it can even take hundreds of years to make this possible. So, there goes the plan of Elon Musk on how to conquer Mars. It is possible, but it will be darn difficult.