How to Avoid Fighting with Your Partner While Under Stay-at-Home Orders

It’s been more than a year since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the states and stay-at-home orders were implemented. Although that may seem like a long enough time to get adjusted and find a new normal in life, many people are still struggling to make things work. The stress of the unknown and the pressure of remaining confined within the same four walls every day takes a toll, especially on married couples.

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Relationship troubles and fighting have increased since the pandemic hit, according to studies. More people than ever are currently looking for family law attorneys in Rancho Cucamonga to represent them in divorce cases.

This might seem troubling, but the truth is, there are easy ways to avoid this outcome for your marriage. The following guide offers some helpful tips for spouses to incorporate while under stay-at-home orders to avoid marital troubles.

3 Tips to Avoid Lockdown-Related Fights

Give Each Other Space

At first, the lockdown might have seemed like a blessing in disguise for married couples. By being forced to remain home, partners would have even more time to spend together and bond. But the truth is, every person (even those who are married) needs time alone to decompress. This allows them to return to the partnership feeling rejuvenated and personally fulfilled, so they have more to offer their spouse.

Although this can be difficult when you can’t leave the house, it is possible. Try to designate at least one hour a day toward alone time. Each partner should be allowed to spend time by themselves, away from the other, to do something on their own. If you live in a small space, this might be difficult, but there are ways to make it work. For example, one partner might stay in the bedroom and catch up on some reading while the other bakes something they love in the kitchen.

Create (and Follow) a Routine

Routines are important for married couples. They help provide distinction and purpose throughout the day. Without one, you and your spouse might feel aimless and lost, leading to irritation and frustration with one another. Although your lockdown routine won’t be exactly the same as your pre-COVID one, you can still find ways to make it work. For example, try setting an alarm to get up each day and have breakfast together. Then, kiss each other goodbye the way you normally would, and retreat to your designated areas to get work done throughout the day.

Don’t Overwork

Because you’re already at home, it may be tempting to try and work longer hours during the workweek. While this will likely do wonders for your job, it could be problematic for your relationship. There’s a common misconception that because you and your partner are in the same space all day every day, you don’t need to put effort toward spending time together.

However, in a marriage, time together isn’t about being in the same space. It’s about the quality of the time spent, and the effort put into the relationship. Overworking can lead to feelings of isolation and disconnection in a marriage, so do your best to try and shut down the computer at a reasonable hour. When you do, focus on catching up with your partner and reconnecting with them the way you would if you had each gone into the office for the day.

Remember to Be Patient

Lockdown fights are inevitable during a time like this. But if you and your spouse remain patient and committed, you can preserve your marriage and make it through to better and brighter days.