How to Download Instagram Stories?

Instagram is not just any social media tool anymore because people started to live and gain their lives there. Even people who say “I don’t use Instagram that much” spend their at least 2 hours on Instagram each they. Hence, no one can deny Instagram’s place in our lives. While spending most of your time on Instagram, you may want to know every feature of it. You can want to learn who unfollowed you on Instagram or how you can download Instagram stories. In this article, we will try to answer your questions.

How to Use Instagram’s Story Feature More Effectively?

You probably know how to share stories on Instagram, but still, we can explain it briefly. Scroll to the right of your Instagram homepage, take the story, and upload it by clicking the circle on the bottom. Now you can read the ways of how you make better your Instagram stories.

  • Before taking the story, you can choose different filters by scrolling the circle on the bottom.
  • After you took the photo, there are some features you can use by scrolling the screen upward.
  • You will see different buttons for different features. You can show your location with the first option.
  • Also, you can tag someone into your story. If you tag the person in your story, they can post it in their story too.
  • You can use hashtags to increase your viewers.
  • You can use GIFs to make your stories funnier. There are so many GIF options in there. Write a keyword for the GIF you’re looking for; then they’ll be listed.
  • You can add songs to your story.
  • You can prepare questions and take surveys for your followers to answer or grade.
  • You can see the challenges on Instagram, and if you want to join and nominate one of your friends, you can click the challenge icon.

These are some ways of improving your Instagram story so that you can gain more followers and viewers.

How to Download an Instagram Story?

People spend their hours on Instagram each day, and they face so many new posts. You may love some posts and stories, or you may find inspiration from there. In the case of Instagram posts, you can click the “Save” icon or take a screenshot so that you can see it whenever you want. However, there is no saving feature for stories. You cannot see after 24 hours unless the user highlighted it on their profile. You can take a screenshot too, but in this way, you cannot see GIFs right, or you cannot play the videos. InstaFollowers enables you to download Instagram stories. With this tool, you can download stories to your device in any form, such as photos, videos, or photos with music.

FAQs About Instagram Stories

  • I want to hide my story from a certain person.

Firstly, you need to enter the Privacy page on the dropdown menu of the Settings. Then, click “Story.” Now you will see an option named “Hide Story From.” By tapping it, you can choose the person from whom you want to hide your stories.

  • Someone tagged me on their story; how can I add it to my story?

When you click the story that you are tagged on, an option named “Add to my story” will appear on the bottom of the page. Tap and edit it however you want. Then, you can share it!

  • How can I add production with the “Swipe Up” feature?

This feature is only available for users who have business accounts. If you don’t have a business account, you need to have one. Then, once you took the story, you can add a product by tapping the chain icon.

  • How can I promote my Instagram story?

After you shared the story, view it. You will see an icon says, “More…”. In the dropdown box, tap the “Promote” button. Now, you should complete the form that appears. It asks you about your customer mass and your budget. Once you complete it, your story will be promoted.

  • I don’t want to receive replies from my Instagram story.

Go to your Settings page and click the “Privacy” button. Turn off the option says, “Allow Message Replies.” You will no longer receive replies from your stories.


Today, we tried to help you with the problems with Instagram stories that you might face. Hopefully, they would be helpful!