How to Enable JavaScript in Microsoft Edge


What is JavaScript? Without getting too technical, JavaScript is what makes web pages come alive. It is a programming language that enables complex features to run on web pages.

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If you are unfamiliar with the programming world, you might have JavaScript confused with Java. Despite both having “Java” in their names, Java and JavaScript run independently of each other and have different uses altogether. JavaScript runs on the client’s side, which means that it runs on your web browser without communicating with the webserver.

Importance of JavaScript

Without JavaScript, web pages would be static and dull. JavaScript is what makes web pages interactive.

You see JavaScript at work when you are playing games, looking at beautiful graphical representations of data, filling up application forms and surveys, and even navigating your way around a website using dropdown menus. You see JavaScript performing form validation when you create a password for a new account, and when you are prompted for a missing number or an uppercase character. You also experience it when you start typing your email address on a form, and it automatically completes itself for you.

How about when you view a map while zooming in and out, and navigating around the map? Do you see landmarks and pins populated automatically? JavaScript also enables images or additional text to appear when you roll over some text. All these examples are ways that JavaScript works its magic and enhances your experience.

The next time you are on a web page, try looking out for ways that JavaScript is working to liven it up. You will be impressed. Imagine how boring websites would be without JavaScript support. It would be like driving a brand new car, but with a broken radio – boring!

Enabling JavaScript in Microsoft Edge

If you find that certain websites are not appearing or behaving the way you would like them to, JavaScript might be disabled on your Microsoft Edge browser. Before modifying the settings on Microsoft Edge and end up doing something you might regret, it is a good idea first to check if JavaScript is indeed disabled.

If it is currently enabled, then your problem might be something else altogether. There are high chances that you will need to clear some of your cookies. If JavaScript is indeed disabled on your Microsoft Edge browser, then the following steps should help you enable it.

To start you off, click on “Settings and more” and select “Settings.” Search for “JavaScript” and locate the section for JavaScript. Here, you will be able to enable JavaScript. Once that is done, you should be good to go. If you aren’t sure, then you can always perform another check.

Are you running Edge on Windows 10? If you are, then an additional step is required. On your Microsoft Edge browser, click on the “More” menu (represented by three dots) and select “Open with Internet Explorer.” You can then proceed with the steps mentioned earlier. If you would like to delve deeper into this topic, here’s more on how to enable JavaScript in Microsoft Edge.

Why JavaScript Might Be Disabled

JavaScript is rarely disabled on browsers. However, there might be occasions where the IT administrator of a company disables JavaScript for security reasons. Some users might also have JavaScript disabled because they are tired of seeing ads every time they surf the web.

JavaScript might also be disabled by malware or a virus on your computer. In that case, you might want to run a malware check in addition to having JavaScript re-enabled.

JavaScript – To Enable or Disable?

With increasing security and privacy concerns among internet users today, it is no wonder that there is a rise in groups advocating for JavaScript to be disabled on browsers. It is always wise to be prudent about these concerns. However, the benefits of JavaScript in your day to day internet use cannot be discounted.

Whether you decide on having JavaScript enabled or disabled, now you know how simple it is to have it set either way on Microsoft Edge.

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