How to Find the Best Online Casino Offers

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Anyone who’s ever taken a look around online will know that there are a huge number of online casinos out there. That means one thing – competition for your custom. To give themselves a distinct advantage over their competitors, online casinos make a number of offers and promotions to attract players. Then, when you’ve signed up, many of them carry on with incentives to generate loyalty. This quick guide will tell you about the sorts of offers to look out for.

Free spins

It’s no surprise that the slots are the most popular games on most casino sites. They’re fun, flashy, and easy to play. So one of the casinos’ favorite incentives to attract new players is to offer a certain number of free spins when they sign up. This approach, which you’ll find at sites like, usually applies to specified games and also often has a time limit for claiming the free spins. For some casinos, there’s a requirement that you have to deposit a certain amount of money before you become eligible for the free spins offer, but others will just give you them as a welcome gift. For those who manage to win money on those free spins, we should also note that there are playthrough requirements attached in almost every case.

Deposit matches

Deposit matches are another favorite of online casinos. The deal is quite a simple one: for every dollar that you deposit with the casino when you join, they will match it up to 100%. So say, for example, that you put down $50 and they operate a 100% match offer. Then, you’ll find yourself with $100 to play with. Some casinos aren’t quite as generous and will only offer 50% deposit matches, in which case you’d only have $75. Plus, there is generally an upper limit to the amount that they will match. Frequently, they will make an offer that will cover your first few deposits with a reducing amount each time. Typically, this could be 100% on your first deposit, 50% on your second, and 25% on your third. Look around hard enough, however, and you might be able to find some genuine no deposit offers where there’s no need to put any money down of your own before you start to play.

Loyalty Clubs

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As reported on, it costs businesses five times more to get new customers than to keep existing ones. So once you’ve started playing with a casino, you can expect to receive some loyalty-based freebies to encourage you to stick around. These might come as more free spins or even as entries into exclusive prize draws. Plenty of casinos also have members’ clubs that you can join. These are linked to their own set of rewards, as well as various levels corresponding to your style of play.

Something to watch out for

There is one thing to be aware of. While the great majority of online casinos are legitimate and well run, there are one or two rogue operators who might try to attract players with unbelievable bonuses which are too good to be true and indeed, not legitimate. So it’s always best to check with an official authority like the UK’s to make sure that the platform you’re interested in is fully licensed.

That said, the industry is very well regulated so it’s highly likely that the offers you’ll see will be genuine and available. So it’s just up to you to benefit from them as to start to play.