There are different ways and strategies piano teachers use to teach the piano. However, many beginners may not have the time required to move gradually from the theoretical basics up. Thankfully, there are methods to learn fast and learn properly. Here, we discuss ways to learn the piano fast.

stevepb (CC0), Pixabay

Get your own piano or keyboard.

If you cannot find a piano, you can get a keyboard instead. You can easily learn with it and upgrade to a piano later on. Sit down and familiarise yourself with it. Identify the middle tones, flat tones, sharp tones, bass tones, and high tones. Listen carefully till you can tell the difference between them.

Take time to Understand

Just like an exam, when you really understand a subject, you would be able to answer any questions about it. Apply the theory you have learned during practice; break down the chords, patterns, scales, and keys into rhythmic patterns. If you spend quality time analyzing each song, you will learn faster.

Play Slowly but Play Correctly

Don’t be in a hurry to play very fast as a starter. Trying to play fast will ironically make your learning slower. Try as much as possible to punch the right keys every time without mistakes even if it means playing slowly. This helps you to easily identify trouble spots and pick them out for mindful practice. If you make mistakes repeatedly as it will sink deeper in your subconscious rather than be corrected.

Learn simple songs

This is a popular strategy and it works so well for many people. Through learning materials, you can play easy songs, memorize the notes, and master your finger placement. It’s always best to start with C major then gradually learn the minor keys. You can also try songs that you love as your emotional connection with them will help you learn them faster.

Work on your posture

Always sit up straight, relax your shoulders and hands. Slightly curve your hands. At first, try to play the melody and bass lines for each hand separately then you can combine them as you practice.

Play in a Public gathering

Even though you are just learning, feel free to play in front of friends and family who understand that you are still learning. Playing in front of people makes you put in your best and challenges you to do even better. You could also sign up for opportunities where beginners are given a chance to play.

Play with friends and co-learners

Playing with other people opens you up to ideas, suggestions, and constructive criticism. They could be co-learners at a piano lesson in the neighborhood or an even online community.

Find an Instructor

Finding a good piano teacher is one of the best ways to learn piano fast. A teacher will teach you the basics correctly and help you avoid bad piano habits that may take a while to stop. A teacher provides good teaching materials and helps you achieve more overall. LVL Music Academy has expert teachers to teach you at your pace, check their website to learn piano fast.


As you put these tips to practice, always remember to never stop learning. Yes, I know this sounds cliché but it’s really not. The more you learn and develop your knowledge base, the faster, better and more creative you become at playing the piano.