How to play Battlefield 1 on Xbox

Though Battlefield 1 is five years old, the game has been fairly given the status of one of the greatest games in the shooter genre. The multiplayer game is all about teamwork battling the opponent in World War I. The game boasts picturesque landscapes. It is also distinguishable for allowing the player to change their role while fighting over the sea, air, or ground.

The game has both free and paid content. To stay informed about all game improvements and have free access to them, one has to pay ‘Premium Pass’ only as a one-time charge. Battlefield 1 can be downloaded from the EA Access site. After clicking ‘Try now,’ the game will start downloading. Next, you can join the multiplayer game and enjoy the experience.

Choosing the Right Equipment

So, what do you need for playing Battlefield 1? Firstly, as you might have already guessed, you need an Xbox (because this article is not about the PC-version). Secondly, with an Xbox comes a game controller. So, what is a game controller? Think of it as a tiny keyboard with only the most necessary keys. It is designed particularly for comfortable gaming. The most important buttons are located right below the fingers for the best speed. Also, a typical game controller has an ergonomic design, making playing more enjoyable and less tiring.

The new generation of game controllers is wireless and comes in various models. This article will help you choose the best xbox one controller from our top 10 Xbox one controllers list:

1. Razer Wolverine Ultimate. This controller has a great design for player’s comfort. Six additional keys further customize one’s playstyle. However, the model is wired, which can be a disadvantage for the players who prefer more portability.

2. PowerA Enhanced Wired Controller. Despite its simple design, which may seem boring to professional users, the model has two additional buttons and comes in a cheaper range if compared to other models.

3. Razor Dragon Ball FighterZ Atrox Arcade Stick. The model is excellent for those players who prefer fighting games. A stick is a part of the game controller that breaks most easily, but this model’s stick promises high durability.

4. Hyperkin Duke Wired Controller. The model is specifically tailored according to the first-generation design. Hence, it may trigger a love-and-hate reaction from the professional players who consider it either too old-fashioned or irresistibly beautiful.

5. New Xbox Wireless Controller. Those wondering How to Choose Wireless Controller for Xbox One have a native option. It will satisfy all fans with an outstanding ergonomic design, Bluetooth connection, and a great share button.

6. Power A Extra. Designed for the fans of simplicity, the model has rear paddles and is the cheapest option in the top 10 Xbox one controllers list.

7. Microsoft Xbox Elite Series 2. Like all Microsoft products, this model is expensive but provides such characteristics as high-quality thumbsticks and rear paddles.

8. SCUF Prestige. The best Xbox one controller for the fans of customization. Change the colors, grips, and extra buttons in a way you like and enjoy beating your enemy.

9. Hori Fighting Commander. A good choice for the fighting game lovers, though getting used to the unusual location of bumper and trigger buttons might take time.

10. Victrix Pro FS. While being pricey and designed only for fighting games, the model is great thanks to its large buttons and a portable arcade stick.

Basic Tips for Playing Battlefield 1

Now that you know what equipment to choose, you can proceed with playing the game on your Xbox! Of course, a display would come in handy: we leave it up to you, which one to use. The following tips will help you to enjoy the smoothest and brightest gaming experience.

Tip #1: Follow the Objective

The main rule is to stick to the objective of the mission. Killing as many enemies as possible is optional.

The game has two different modes, namely, ‘Rush’ and ‘Conquest.’ While in ‘Rush’ (no pun intended), you put explosives on the objective and progress through the map. The second mode requires you to capture the flags on a bigger map.

Tip #2: Cooperate

Do not forget that Battlefield is all about teamwork. The newest players try to win alone instead of using all perks, which the division into groups of five gives. If your group is numerous enough, the chances that you will capture the flag are high. In a group, you can cover each other. Additionally, you can respawn on your teammate’s place in case you die and vice versa. Having a medic in your group also gives you the privilege of healing quicker.

Tip #3: Leave Your Team If You Need To

But what if you have found a team, which does not play like a team? Or what if the team leader does not give everyone attack orders? Here, you have two options. You can write to the group players and ask if they would like to play as a team or choose another group if the players you have contacted refuse to.

Tip #4: Don’t Care About Shooting Much

Unlike other shooter games, Battlefield 1 allows you to win the game with minimum shootings because the idea of the game is different. Hence, if you are bad at shooting, you may not worry that you have to frag 50 opponents or more to win the game.

Tip #5: Know Your Role

There are four classes in the game: assault, medic, support, and scout. Each class has objectives and the respective special features. As an assault, you have proper weapons to bring lots of damage to vehicles and tanks. You can also use landmines to blow the trains. As a medic, you have health packages to heal yourself and your team members. If you play as a support, you are the one in the team who has a free resupply crate. As a scout, you will spy for your team and mark your enemies.

Final Thoughts on Playing Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 is a versatile game for players who love missions but do not like focusing on ‘killing’ the opponents too much. The use of high-quality equipment, like a good game controller, improves your game experience. However, if you are more of a loner in gaming, Battlefield 1 might not be the best choice because it emphasizes teamwork and combat cooperation.