How to protect the basement against water damage?

Have you just started to experience flooding in your basement? Or has the insulation of your house started to give you a hard time? Well, if that’s the case then what you most probably need in this situation is to get rid of the water issues in your basement.

Juhele (CC0), Pixabay

Water can do a lot more than just damage to your basement and eventually your whole house. So it is always better to address the problem at the right moment and take preventive measures to protect your basement against water damage. Here you will find the best ways to protect against water damage in your basement so let’s have a look.

Seal the Foundation Cracks

Foundation cracks are like an open invitation for the water to visit your basement. If your foundation has gotten prone to cracks by any means, then water will surely attack your basement. So the very first step to protecting water damage in the basement is to seal all the cracks in your foundation so that the chances of water entering are reduced to the minimum.

Extend the Water Runoff System

The best way to keep the water away as possible from your basement is to extend your house’s water run-off system. The far the drain pipes and gutter run-off systems are extended from your house, the lesser the chance for the water to enter the basement.

Consider French Drains

A French drain is another excellent way to keep the water away from your foundation and basement walls right after the run-off extension. If the underground water is giving your house a hard time and wreaking havoc on your basement, then French drains will do more than good by diverting the flow of water away from your house.

Waterproof the Basement on the Whole

If the problem is in the walls, then installing a water barrier like that of plastic sheet or any such water-resistant material on the basement walls can be a great way to prevent water from entering your basement. But remember, the walls should be waterproofed, but the ceiling too as it can also be a great source of water sometimes.

Nothing Beats the Sump Pump

No doubt, a sump pump is one of the smartest and wisest options to opt for if you want to get rid of water issues in your problem. It pumps out the water in the sump basin and lets you know when a large amount of water has been accumulated by continuously switching on and off in such a situation.

Repair the Plumbing

You can also look for plumbing flaws. If there are any faults in your plumbing, fixtures, and pipes, then you would simply have to fix them, and most of your water problems will be gone for good.

Consider Hiring a Professional Service

Last but not least, you can always count on a professional basement waterproofing service greenville, because after all, no one can do the repair job much better than a professional contractor. So if all the above-mentioned solutions end in vain, you are suggested to hire an expert contractor to guide you the right way.