How To Setup And Use VPN On PS4 In Just 5 Minutes


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Well, some might think that PS4 doesn’t need a VPN. But it is not valid. If you are not sure that your PS4 network doesn’t have the best security reputation, then VPN is mandatory, especially if you usually send sensitive data through your gaming console. In this blog, we’ve provided a complete guide to set up and use a VPN on your PS4 console in just 5 minutes.

Why do you need a VPN for PS4?

We usually recommend using VPNs that work with PS4 consoles because we know how beneficial they are. They encrypt your network traffic, prevent monitoring, mask your exact location, and improve the online gaming speed.

Remind that, devices like PS4 come with the most popular media streaming applications like Netflix, Pandora, YouTube, Hulu, etc. These prove how versatile the PS4 is. However, some games might not be accessible in certain regions. If you are in the geo-restricted area, then with the help of a VPN, you can get those games on your PS4.

You can find tons of VPNs on the internet with its strengths, weaknesses, and price. Many VPNs have subscription-free while the others are free. Figure out the right VPN and equip it on your PS4.

How to set up a VPN on PS4?

The PS4 was not designed to support VPN. Hence, you will not be able to install the VPN application directly on your PS4 console. With the assistance of a computer or a VPN router, you can get access to the blocked contents and protect your data. Below are some of the best methods to use a VPN with your PS4:

Method 1: Connect VPN on PS4 via Windows PC

If you have a Windows PC, you can use your PC to connect your PS4 to a compatible VPN.

  • Install and set up a compatible VPN on your Windows PC.
  • Connect the ethernet cable between your Windows PC and PS4 console.
  • Now, click on the Start menu on your PC and navigate to Settings.
  • Tap on Network and Internet option.
  • Now, click on the VPN.
  • Verify whether your VPN is set up and enabled.
  • Then select change adapter options.
  • Check for the ethernet connection associated with the VPN installed on your PC, right-click on it.
  • A list of options will pop on the screen, in that click on the Properties option.
  • Now choose the Sharing option.
  • You’ll find “allow other network users to connect with this computers’ network connection,” click on it.
  • On the following window, click “Select private network connection box.”
  • Choose the ethernet connection that you wish to share and click OK.
  • Then, head to PS4 Settings > Network settings > Set up Internet connection > Use a LAN Cable.
  • Click the Easy connection method. Automatically, it will scan and setup the ethernet connection.
  • Select “do not use a proxy server.”
  • That’s it; now, your PS4 is connected with the VPN connection.

Method 2: Connect VPN on PS4 via Mac

If you are a Mac user, then you can make use of it to connect your console to the required VPN. This method is similar to the Windows PC method.

  • Begin by installing and setting up the VPN on your Mac device.
  • With the help of ethernet cable, connect your PS4 console and mac device.
  • Then, click on the apple icon from the upper left corner of your screen, and choose System > Preferences > Sharing.
  • Now select the Internet Sharing option.
  • On the following screen, click the Share your connection option and click on the VPN network.
  • Now tap on the “To computer using” option using the drop-down menu and click on the “Ethernet.”
  • You can verify that your mac device is connected to your PS4 console by navigating to Settings > Network Settings > Set up Internet Connection > Use a LAN cable > Easy.
  • Finally, select “Do not use a Proxy Server.”

Method 3: Connect VPN on PS4 without a PC

In case, if you don’t have a PC or Mac, then you can connect your PS4 console with PC via a VPN router. This method works by directly setting the VPN on your router.

  • Log in to the control panel of your router.
  • To set the router up to the VPN, just follow the steps that are laid out by your VPN service provider.
  • Now connect the PS4 console to your router either using wifi or an ethernet cable.
  • That’s it. Your PS4 console is now connected with a VPN.

Benefits of using a VPN with the PS4

  • Unblock geo-restricted games and content.
  • No lag and high ping.
  • Prevent DDoS attacks.
  • Reduce Bandwidth throttling.
  • Bypass IP Bans.


Using a VPN for your online gaming is a good thing, especially when you care about your privacy. PS4 without a VPN will be vulnerable to all the attacking forces. Hence, get the best quality VPN service for your PS4 and start experiencing fast and safe gaming.

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