How to Spend a Weekend at the Beach


There are a few days out that are as good as visiting the beach. Fun for the entire family, group of friends, couple, or even a solo traveler – it’s great for everyone. Whether you want to chill out and sunbathe or get the adrenaline flowing with some water sports, there’s a beach activity for you.

To give you an idea of what you can do at the beach, we’re going to take a look at some of the most fun activities on offer. Whether you’re hitting up the tropical beaches of Southeast Asia, the sunkissed stretches of sand of Hawaii, or even a grey Northern European beach, there’s something for you!

Go stand up paddleboarding

If you’ve visited the beach recently, you’ve probably noticed people on flat moving slowly across a flat stretch of water looking really chilled and relaxed. That’s stand up paddleboarding! There’s no board sport growing as much in popularity in the world right now – and it’s a perfect way to social distance out on the water – so get yourself a SUP! Other benefits include a solid core workout, reduced stress levels, and options to do yoga and/or fishing on your board.

Many beaches have SUP rental shops where you can get equipment and even lessons, should you feel you need them.

Go Sea Kayaking

Much like stand up paddle boarding, sea kayaking is a wonderful core workout on flat water. Another easy sport for beginners, this is a good option if you’re traveling with your family – as the activity will suit everyone. Kayaking is good for the environment and makes little noise, so it’s perfect for getting up close and personal with wildlife. Depending on where you are in the world, you may come face to face with sea lions or even whales!

Go surfing

Though stand-up paddleboarding is a board sport growing in popularity, surfing has long been established is the most popular. And it’s no wonder why! Surfing is the perfect way to get a full-body workout. You’ll be working on your core while balancing on the board, strengthening your arms when paddling out into the waves, and topping up your Vitamin D intake in the sun. If you really like the sound of both SUP and surfing, you can even combine both sports.

Go snorkeling

All of the activities listed above need quite a large piece of equipment to make them work. Not so with snorkeling. Another great activity for kids, you can take a swim in the shallow waters and spot fish, coral reefs, and marine life. Make sure to be careful when you’re snorkeling through currents can move fast and you can be dragged out to sea if you’re not paying attention.

Take a walk

Everything we’ve looked at so far involves getting wet. However, it’s possible to stay dry and get a workout on the beach. All you need to do is take a walk. It’s the perfect way to take in your surroundings, breathe in the fresh air, and appreciate where you are. Walking on sand also means that your ligaments and joints will be working harder than they would on a tarmac or gravel track. And is there a nicer feeling than flexing your toes in the sand?

Sunbathe and relax

Going to the beach doesn’t always have to be about raising your heart rate or getting a workout. Sometimes, it’s nice to just use it as an escape from the stresses of your day to day life. If that’s the case, lay down your towel, slather on the sunscreen, and lie back. Perhaps you’ll fall asleep, maybe you’ll catch up on your latest holiday read. Whatever you decide, setting aside some time to relax is essential at the beach. You deserve it, after all!

Build a sandcastle

Here’s a fun activity if your beach weekend is with young children. Building a sandcastle is a good way to bond and also to encourage their (and perhaps your) creativity. First, dig down to find water. Then, shape a mound of wet sand to use as your base. Build around the base and add windows, drawbridges, and just let your imaginations run wild!

Oh, and don’t forget to take a picture.

Other activities that can be lots of fun with young children include going rock pooling and setting up a beach treasure hunt.

Have a picnic

Now, this one depends on where you’re going. The further off the beaten track your chosen beach is, the less likely you are to find cafes, restaurants, and places to eat. That shouldn’t be a problem though, just bring a picnic.

This will require a little forward planning, so why not make it into something enjoyable the day before or the morning of your trip. You can get all beachgoers involved and make a delicious spread of food. And it’s easier to make sure there’s enough for everyone that way!

Don’t forget to bring water to stay hydrated – a reusable bottle is best as it can keep your drinks cold and benefit the environment.

Play sports

This one is an especially good idea if you’re visiting the beach with a group of friends or family. If you have a large enough space, it’s not hard to set up a pitch where you can play any number of games. We’re talking soccer, beach tennis, rounders, and beach volleyball. Just be sure to bring the right balls and equipment!

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