How to Tell What Career Fits Me in IT?

Technology, programming, and the digital world are on the rise. Since the start of the new millennium, technology and its omnipresent integration into everyone’s daily lives has skyrocketed. It shows no signs of stopping either. The tech industry is projected to grow and is becoming one of the biggest and most relevant industries today. No wonder a career in tech is becoming attractive to more and more job-seekers out there.

Strides in web development, mobile app development, AI, cybersecurity, virtual reality, and many more have been non-stop and expansive. In 2021, more workers are needed in the tech industry to accomplish humankind’s vast number of technological ambitions.

A good example is Facebook’s controversial ‘Metaverse’ project. For those not in the know, Mark Zuckerberg has announced a $50 million investment program to fund the Metaverse project and has announced that they want to hire as many as 10,000 new employees in Europe to work on it. That’s a lot of IT specialists.

Getting a job in IT this year is a perfect move since we are having a sort of technological revolution. And jobs in IT are pretty well-paid. On top of that, you might just be the next Elon Musk. We’ve compiled a list of different positions in the IT sector, as well as a brief description of what IT is.

A Quick Rehash On IT

Before getting into the specifics, let’s refresh our memory on what IT actually entails. Essentially, IT stands for information technology, and professionals in this industry help companies, businesses, etc. maintain their technological infrastructures, amongst other things related to technology.

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Career Options In IT

There are many types of professions in the IT industry that applicants can consider and choose to specialize in. We’ve compiled a few very relevant options in the job market today:

Software Engineer

Average annual salary: $105 000

Simply put, software engineers are creators of new software. They also need to know how to improve existing software. Adobe, Zoom, Avast, and so on are all various examples of software made by these types of professionals. The future holds vast opportunities for those who want to get into this field.

Job-seekers will typically need a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in computer science to compete in this field. They also need to have skills in technical problem solving and troubleshooting, as well as expertise in programming languages like Python or Javascript.

Mobile Application Developer

Average annual salary: $107 000

Similar to software engineers, mobile developers create applications (mobile software) for smartphones, tablets, and the lot.

To qualify as a mobile app developer, applicants must usually have a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in computer science, mobile development, or any related course. And just like software engineers, applicants need to have coding expertise.

Computer Scientist

Average Annual Salary: $100 900

Computer scientists are all-around technological wizards. They troubleshoot existing IT errors and create new digital infrastructures. They may also need to write new software to achieve tasks, develop software for consumers, and even create new programming languages.

Most aspirants who want to get into this field need to have a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in computer science. The job market is competitive as well, so work experience is valuable. Best to be a self-starter and get going with those CS lessons.

Web Developer

Average Annual Salary: $72 000

A web developer designs the fundamental elements that make up a website. They design the appearance, navigation, and so on. Web developers utilize programming languages like HTML and Javascript.

Job-seekers in this area typically need to have a Bachelor’s in IT or a degree in Web Development. Experience is indispensable to employers as well. There are many online courses to gain expertise in this field, so that’s a good thing.

Data Scientist

Average Annual Salary: $122 000

A catchy title isn’t it. Well, the work requirements aren’t exactly a walk in the park. A data scientist analyzes, collects, and organizes data for the purpose of recognizing trends that can be beneficial or relevant to businesses, amongst other things. Depending on the industry; however, data scientists’ job requirements will vary.

Data scientists can exist in many different industries. They can work for corporations in finance, medicine, technology, and so on. Applicants will need to have a Bachelor’s or Master’s in IT and other related fields. A degree in Business might be required by employers as well.

Final Thoughts

There are many options and career fields to consider in the IT sector, so it’s best for job-seekers to know where their interests lie, and to know what they’re skilled at. On the bright side, there are many job opportunities generated by the growth of technology, so many employers need more and more people to become specialists in information technology.

For professionals who needed a sign from the universe and a push to become an IT employee, this article might be it. If you are passionate about technology, developing software, computers, and the digital world technology has to offer, then IT might just be in the industry for you. The future is now.