How to use a QR code expiry feature on your dynamic QR code?

With contactless transactions intensified by most business establishments during the COVID-19 pandemic, scanning QR codes becomes one of the smartphone utilization habits that many people are comfortable engaging with.

As they get comfortable from scanning one, businesses that are integrating these codes have enabled them to unlock new ways to market their product or services efficiently and offer discounts for customers contactless.

Since many of them are now well-informed about dynamic QR codes, reusing them for their new and upcoming campaigns is now possible.

Aside from allowing them to reuse this type of QR code from their previous marketing campaigns, they can use other advanced features like tracking scan results, building customized landing pages, and more.

While this type of QR code has these features, full utilization of other advanced features is can only be accessed using the right QR code generator with logo online. With the concept of having temporary QR codes in some of the most sought-after marketing strategies, a working QR code can help elevate their marketing strategies and minimize the cost incurred from running time-limited only campaigns.

Areas where you can integrate the use of expiry QR codes

As offer scarcity is one of the most used techniques that many businesses use to increase the number of leads being converted to paying customers, integrating this tactic with QR codes can bring them more conversions in a modern and trackable way.

By integrating the QR code expiry feature companies from these business areas can maximize their marketing and sales tactic in just a scan.

Offline and Online Retail Shops

People prefer to shop at stores that provide them with freebies and discounts. Putting up freebies or deals for every item they buy at a certain number is one way to increase retail shop product sales.

They can let their customers chase for the best deals at their shop in a limited time by embedding an expiry discount QR code in their products.

Restaurant and Bars

Aside from the delightful delicacies that diners always enjoy when dining, they also enjoy eating at a certain percentage of the food they enjoy. As a result, restaurants and bars are giving time-limited discount QR codes to their regular customers.

Online Gaming Companies

According to Tech jury’s latest industry value, the gaming industry will be worth $180.1 billion in 2021. And with new exciting games being teased to avid gamers out there, its worth continues to rise every year.

With every game piece to collect at a hefty price, gaming companies can maximize their game item sales by incorporating a discount QR code that can be seen throughout the gaming shops offline and online is one great way for gamers to get hooked with the best deal they can get by scanning a limited time discount QR code.

SAAS Companies

Purchasing a work-related software product is can be costly. Some software companies incorporate subscription sales into their products because some of the software sold requires a yearly or monthly subscription.

As a way for more users to use them, software companies include a discount coupon QR code that they can redeem at a limited time. Customers can be elated in scanning a discount they can obtain by using it.

How to add a QR code expiry feature with your dynamic QR code?

Since setting expirations to the QR code you use for time-limited campaigns can help boost your conversion rates, setting up the code with a QR code expiry feature is the next step you need to follow to maximize your campaign fully.

When setting up your time-limited QR code, you will first need to sign up for a QR code generator with a logo online that offers this feature and create the dynamic QR code you will use for the campaign.

Afterward, you can continue adding the QR code expiry feature to the code by following these steps;

1. Go to the track data tab and find the dynamic QR code you want to set an expiry with.

2. Click the clock icon aligned to the code.

3. Select the type of expiry you want to add in your dynamic QR code (scans or date)

4. Set the conditions you want to activate the expiry feature and save it.


Now that you can digitalize your time-limited marketing campaigns using technology, QR codes can expire according to the conditions made by the marketer that uses them.

Businesses and marketers can always ensure that customers can redeem these discounts at the given number of scans or dates to avoid losing more money from the deals made.