How YouTube Vlogs will Boost your Blog’s Traffic

The majority that most well-known YouTubers started as bloggers and some of them continue to own a website or blog. Moreover, many bloggers have also started to vlog to implement their blogs and bring more traffic to them. In fact, this strategy is so effective that many of them choose to only keep posting content on YouTube.

If you own a blog and you are trying to find a way to send traffic to it, then you need to consider creating a YouTube channel for it. Vlogs will bring multiple benefits to the brand you are building for your blog. To make them successful, buy 500 YouTube views to boost them and make them visible to a wide audience.

#1 Make More Impact with your Personal Stories

Content in video format will make a long-lasting impression on your viewers. When you vlog, your followers will see your expressions and understand the different tones of your voice. This will help them empathize with your story more and you will get some genuine reactions. Your YouTube subscribers will then visit your blog to read the full story and leave you some comments there. This way, your engagement rate will be boosted in both your YouTube channel and your blog.

#2 Visualize your Lists and Ideas

If you are writing regularly in a blog, you are certainly compiling lists and create some informative content. With a video though, you can visualize this content and make it much easier to understand. If you search YouTube right now, you will find plenty of top 10 lists that are both personal and informative. Therefore, you can create a “My 10 favorite songs of the year” and a “10 facts you didn’t know about Earth” and still catch the users’ attention. However, when you post content like this, remember to buy 500 YouTube views to boost it.

#3 Embed Video Content on your Blog Posts

A YouTube channel can work as a complementary medium to your blog. Moreover, you can use it as a tool to enhance your blog posts and add a new and interesting element to them. For example, you can embed videos on your blog posts and have users remain a long time on your blog. Moreover, video content is great for your blog’s SEO, thus helping you reach more potential readers. In general, vlogs are an easy way to make your blog more interesting and professional-looking.

#4 Be More Personal with your Followers

While writing on your blog, you frequently face the issue that you can’t reveal as much emotion as you would want to. However, this is not the case when it comes to vlogging. Your viewers get a full view of your face, understanding your emotions and reactions. In the video, you can confess almost anything. If your story is intriguing enough, you might even find viral success. In any case, you always need to buy 500 YouTube views to boost your videos and reach more users.

#5 Optimize the SEO of your YouTube Channel

Sharing your YouTube videos between your channel and your blog will be beneficial for the SEO of both of them. By embedding videos on your blog posts you create backlinks that the YouTube algorithm will count as quality indicators for your content. In addition to this, remember to search for the right keywords for YouTube. When you find them, include them in your titles, description, tags, and the text of your video. This will make your videos appear in more searches, giving you plenty of views and subscribers.

#6 Add Links to your Channel and Videos

Another thing you can do to boost the SEO of your blog is to include links to it on your channel and videos. First of all, you can include any links you want in the about section of your channel. All of them will show up at the bottom right corner of your cover art. In the image above, you can see that Bright Side has included likes to its website and its social media. Furthermore, you can add links to your blog posts in your video descriptions. However, make sure that you always add relevant blog posts to a video to guarantee that your viewers will click on the link.

#7 Offer Something Exclusive

If you want the users to go from your blog to your YouTube channel or the reverse, you will need to offer them something. For example, you can mention in your videos that the users can download something exclusive from your blog. Alternatively, you can do a YouTube live stream exclusively for the followers of your blog. This way, you offer something of value to your followers, helping them decide to follow you in more than one medium.

#8 Ask Users to Interact with your Content

If you want to drive your YouTube followers to your blog, you simply have to ask them to do it. You will be surprised by how many people are willing to do what you want if you are forward with them. Therefore, ask them to visit and follow your blog, as well as leave their comments. You can also use your blog to create polls about your upcoming content. By doing this, you will offer one more incentive for hesitant users to visit it.

#9 Collaborate with Other Creators

One sure way to get more exposure is to collaborate with other creators. The same applies when you want to promote your blog through your YouTube channel. A collaboration with an influencer in your niche will bring you recognition to the audience you are targeting. However, if you post the collaboration in your channel, make sure to buy 500 YouTube views to help it reach a wide audience.

All in all, the more success you find on YouTube, the more traffic you will receive on your blog. Therefore, you need to focus on promoting both of them so that you can share your followers between the two of them. When it comes to YouTube, you can always buy 500 YouTube views to make your channel grow faster.