Best Hungry Howie’s Coupons & Promo Codes

Hungry Howie’s is unlike your ordinary pizza restaurant. You have come to love pizzas with such finely-baked crust going toward the bread that has a variety of toppings created for those who are meat-lovers, health-conscious, and simply the person who wants to get a taste of irresistible pizza.

If you have not heard about flavored crust, with flavors like Garlic Herb, Butter, Sesame, Butter Cheese, Cajun, Asiago Cheese, Ranch, and Onion, or perhaps the Howie Cookie made with chocolate chips from the Ghirardelli brand, then Hungry Howie’s is where you should visit. Take a look at the amazing coupons and promo codes here in this edition of our posts.

Top Hungry Howie’s Coupons

Promo Code Discount Expiration
1105 Two One-topping Pizzas, Two-liter of Pepsi, And a Howie Brownie For $19.99 Limited time
17a01 Wednesdays! Large Oven Baked Sub For $6.99 Limited time


Any Pizza 51% Off December 21, 2020


Buy One Get One 45% Off Coupon Code Limited time
pick2 Select Mix & Match Items Now 2 for $5.99 Each Limited time

Two One-Topping Pizzas, Two-Liter Of Pepsi, And A Howie Brownie For $19.99

Not in every restaurant or fast food joint you can get a meal set for less than $20. At Hungry Howie’s, you can have the joy of two one-topping pizzas, two-liter of Pepsi, and the signature brownies from the food store for just $19.99. Use coupon code 1105.

Wednesdays! Large Oven Baked Sub For $6.99

Remember, Wednesday is pizza party with Hungry Howie’s. You can get a large oven baked sub for only $6.99 with the coupon code 17a01. Head over to your coupon websites today to get started with your purchase.

Hungry Howie’s is not just about good pizzas. On their selections are also oven-baked subs, the signature Howie bread, the signature Howie wings, fresh salads, the signature Howie rolls, plus your favorite desserts and drinks.

Any Pizza 51% Off

Listen up, there is a 51 percent discount off the original price of the pizza of your choice at Hungry Howie’s. Simply use the coupon code 51OFF to get the discount. Hurry, as the promo only is valid until December 21st, 2020.

You can choose from several options of their pizzas, with Meat Eaters Pizza, Works Pizza, Howie Maui Pizza, BBQ Chicken Pizza, Howie Special Pizza, Veggie Pizza, and so much more. The ultimate fan favorite is their dough made fresh every day with totally real mozzarella cheese, premium toppings, and flavored crusts. You can try their perfectly baked Deep Dish, Original Round, or the Thin Crust pizza. The taste is unlike any other pizza restaurants around.

Hungry Howie's Coupons

Buy One Get One 45% Off Coupon Code

This fantastic deal offers you two different options merged into one. First, it’s a buy one take one, and you also get 45 percent off with the coupon code. Use 45cen to enable this deal. What’s great about Hungry Howie’s is its finest selection of food. You just do not get the pizza treat, but you can also order Buffalo Howie Wings, Chicken Asiago Salad, 3-Cheese Howie Bread, and more! It is the best way to treat your loved ones, friends, and colleagues at parties, galas, surprise events, or immediate get-together’s you just thought of having.

Select Mix & Match Items Now 2 for $5.99 Each

When it comes to ordering the food you love, you do not have to pay in full. Pizzas? No problem. Here at Hungry Howie’s, they have the most delicious pizzas you will not find elsewhere. Stay creative and mix-and-match items now for $5.99 each. Good deal? Try it today. Use the coupon code pick2 to enable the discount.

If you seem not to prefer any of the pizza selections on their menu, do not worry. Interestingly enough, Hungry Howie’s also lets you build your own pizza! They make sure the pizza dough is fresh right from the very beginning, and you can top it with mozzarella cheese the way you want it, add toppings in your favorite combinations, and select from Original Round, Deep Dish, Thin Crust, or Gluten-Free. They also have the free Flavored Crust. That’s how amazing it is to have Hungry Howie’s on your dinner table.

Pizzas at Hungry Howie’s are made from the freshest ingredients, including 100 percent mozzarella cheese and dough ensured to be fresh on a day-to-day basis. Select from eight delectable flavors of the crust, including Butter, Butter Cheese, Asiago Cheese, Ranch, Onion, Cajun, Sesame, and Garlic Herb. Order your favorite choices now for delivery, call your local Hungry Howie’s store, or order your preferred pizza online.

Hungry Howie’s takes pride in their 45 years of experience, with the reputation of being one of the top pizza franchises in the country. It has humble beginnings outside of Detroit prior to expanding to more than 550 locations in 20 states. It also features a solid franchise system actively seeking candidates to join the family of independently-owned and operated franchises earning with Hungry Howie’s.