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Skydiving offers several benefits for your health. They include improving the skydiver’s impulsive reaction to stress, the entity that tests our resilience, enhancing the mood, tuning in the skydiver’s situational awareness, and enabling them to sleep better. However, not all the time that people have access to skydiving locations. They want to sky dive but are apprehensive to do so because of the risks involved. It is a challenging form of sports. For those who want to try skydiving and see their benefits, you can take the challenge with indoor skydiving.

Indoor skydiving emulates the thrills and the adrenaline rush of skydiving, except that this is conducted indoors. There are programs and locations that provide this such as iFLY. In this Kafila article, we will get to know the discounts you can snag so you can save on the costs of availing their products.

iFLY Coupons

Promo Code Discount Expiration
ILO $5 Off First Time Flyer Packages At IFLY Orlando March 3, 2021
No coupon code required 15% Off Limited time
No coupon code required Student Discounts Limited time
SEPTA10 $10 Off Any First Time Flyer Package Limited time
willett 15% Off Packages Limited time
KIDS15 15% Off First Time Flyer Limited time
ILOVE2FLY $60 Off Spread Your Wings For Two Voucher Package Limited time
ILO $5 Off Orlando Flight Packages Limited time
SUMMER33 33% Off When You Book 3 First Time Flyer Flight Packages Limited time

$5 Off First Time Flyer Packages At IFLY Orlando

iFLY gives you the opportunity to try skydiving in a tube-like surrounding that gives the same type of rush that the actual sports can offer. Their locations include facilities in Georgia, Texas, Maryland, Illinois, Ohio and so much more. Get up to $5 off discounts at iFLY for first time flyers. Use the voucher code ILO to avail the promo. This coupon is valid until March 3rd, 2021.

15% Off

Looking for discounts at iFLY? This coupon offers 15% off their skydiving experiences for those who want to try the thrills of the sports. Luck is upon you when you avail these promos. Do you want to save more on your purchase? Visit the iFLY website now at to collect your coupons. Your next big adventure awaits here at one of the world’s best indoor skydiving programs.

Student Discounts

Students deserve to take a break from their studies and from time to time, de-stress themselves from the stresses brought about by their academics. There are several experiences to choose from, and perhaps among the unique ones is the iFLY indoor skydiving experience. Visit the coupon listings website to avail this discount.

$10 Off Any First Time Flyer Package

Get ready to experience adrenaline rush with iFLY. This indoor skydiving program is one of the best in the world. Take $10 off any first time flyer package with the voucher code SEPTA10.

Rise and spread your wings to explore skydiving indoors. Since they opened their very first location in Orlando, Florida, over 10 million individuals of all ages and abilities have learned the art and the science of skydiving via their wind tunnels. They have more than 80 locations around the globe, including the United States, Canada, France, Australia, China, and Singapore.

iFly Promo Code

15% Off Packages

Will you take the challenge of skydiving? Simply use the coupon code willett to get your 15 percent off packages at iFLY.

Both starting and beginner skydivers, as well as skydivers who are looking to brush up their skills for simpler experiences try it at iFLY. They are creating a global community that brings together passionate people who share the same vision, contributing to the success of iFLY as the worldwide leader in vertical wind tunnel technology. They continue to grow and open more locations worldwide. Choose iFLY for your skydiving experience.

15% Off First Time Flyer

It’s both art and science at iFLY. Several decades in the past, they created the innovation that is making it possible for humans to fly in the guaranteed way possible. They opened their very first wind tunnel known as “Generation 1.” Since then, they have innovated to make their wind tunnels even more sophisticated. Now, they have the “Generation 9.”

Get your 15 percent off at the indoor skydiving program with the coupon code KIDS15. Promo is valid for a limited time only.

$60 Off Spread Your Wings For Two Voucher Package

Kafila has an idea. On this Valentine’s Day, why don’t you choose to treat your loved ones to unique experiences, such as skydiving. You never have to worry if you are a beginner since this is all about indoor skydiving. Get as much as $60 off with their Spread Your Wings For Two voucher package. You can use the promo code ILOVE2FLY to avail the discount.

$5 Off Orlando Flight Packages

Confess your interest and love for skydiving and experience the best at iFLY. There are as much as $5 off Orlando flight packages that you should never miss out on. You can use the voucher code ILO to avail the promo.

33% Off When You Book 3 First Time Flyer Flight Packages

Go beyond your limits and grab 33 percent off when you book three first-timer flight packages here at iFLY. The top choice of skydiving enthusiasts? iFLY. See more of discounts, coupons and vouchers at Kafila.