Important Dos And Don’ts Of Giving Christmas Gifts


Christmas 2020 is different from all those that the world has seen in the past. The damage and trauma caused by the COVID-19 pandemic still have its impact on the people. In fact, the whole year has been very challenging and traumatic as different countries in the world had to go into a state of lockdown; people had to work remotely. Many companies and corporations superseded their activities, and nearly every nation had to face the severity of the economic crisis. Besides, the grief of losing loved ones is still the same, and many countries around the world are still facing the effects of ongoing global economic turmoil.

The Christmas celebration with social distancing is how people are going to celebrate. Things are tough as many people are still mourning the loss of their loved ones. Christmas this year will be very different! Nevertheless, festivals are supposed to be celebrated with loved ones that are thereby one’s side and with the memories of departed ones. Exchanging gifts is the most important Christmas ritual, but these gifts should be different and impactful this year.

Here are some pro tips to help you buy a gift that could produce an everlasting impact on the recipient.

Do: Listen to What People Want and Wish for Throughout the Year

This year go that extra mile for your loved ones and surprise them with something they were longing for. While buying a gift, you should consider the wish list of a receiver. A better approach is to keep in mind what they want, like, and desire! You can navigate to their social media to know what their current obsession is. You can review their posts about a particular item or store. Whereas, if you pay attention, you can get to know about people’s wish list during general conversations. Keep an eye on updates and comments such as, “I lost my favorite jewelry piece” or “I so want to shoot from XYZ store.” With this, you get to buy a gift that the receiver would like and make them realize how important they are to you.

Do: Buy a Gift Card

Buying a gift card, though, sounds like an impersonal or lazy holiday gift, but most people love receiving a gift card. National Retail Federation conducted a survey in 2015, and it was found that Gift Card has been the most requested gift item. With this, you allow your loved ones to explore some options to help them choose according to their taste and preferences. This also saves you from brainstorming and tiring hassle.

Don’t: Buy Gift Cards to Places Where They Don’t Shop

Buying Gift cards for Christmas is a decent and convenient idea that saves you from brainstorming, but this doesn’t mean you don’t have to put in some thoughts while buying one! You need to consider the preferences of people for whom you are buying the gift card. For instance, if someone loves food, you can buy him a voucher for his favorite restaurant. Similarly, you can buy gift cards from places where the receiver would like to shop. Vouchers or gift cards of places where the receiver doesn’t shop or prefer to shop would be of no use!

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Don’t: Buy Gift Baskets

Buying gift baskets are expensive and a bad idea! The pretty appealing chocolate basket you are thinking of buying actually has nothing but a small box of chocolates (2-4 pieces), a few candies, nuts, and jellies. There are some cookies too. At the same price, you can buy extravagant chocolate boxes along with few more edibles. The same goes out for food and fruit baskets. These are only convenient and profitable for companies, but these cost a lot. A better approach is to make a basket yourself and add edibles that your loved one likes. In this way, you not only get to save money but also make a gift basket that actually holds some emotional value.

Do: Buy Practical Gifts, and that would last long

If you are buying gifts for adults, then giving practical items is the best option. It might sound boring, but it actually turns out to be fun and exciting if a bit more attention is being paid. But there is a drawback to it, and that is, you might end up buying something that is useful but is not in the color or style that a receiver likes. So, even if you are buying something that is practically useful for the receivers, consider their preferences.

Another approach is buying the latest or unique version of practical items. Moreover, buying practical items that last for long is another wise approach. In fact, according to surveys, adults get overwhelmed upon receiving gifts that they can use for months and years to come. Some gift ideas are electronic items like earphones, a power bank, and digital items like a camera and kitchen appliances such as a toaster and coffee maker.

Don’t: Re-Gift

Re-gifting something that you were gifted is clearly against the etiquettes and morals. It is such a bad idea! It is not just about the thing that’s been gifted to you but also about the giver’s feelings and gestures. If you don’t like a gift, you can simply give it away instead of wrapping it for somebody else as a gift. Besides, while buying a gift, the very first thing you should consider is your attraction towards it; gifting something that you yourself don’t like is very mean.

With re-gifting, not only is their fear of the receiver coming to discover it but also of losing your reputation.

Do: Insert a Handwritten Note or Card and Personalized Gifts

Placing a handwritten note or handmade card with the gift adds to the personal sense and feel to the entire thing; the receiver feels overwhelmed. If you are even a little bit creative, DIY gifts would be a great hit! But if you are not, you can opt for personalized stuff such as getting names engraved over accessories or pictures printed over the cover. There are a lot of choices!

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