Is there a way to win when I bet?

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The odds of a betting company for a match are such that they make it impossible for a player to have a sure win. What does a sure bet mean? It means to be able to bet on all three points! There’s no way, with any use of amounts in the three points 1-2-X, to win. The reason is well known and it’s called a  rake: the bookmaker gives such a distribution in the 1-2-X odds that he is covered and makes a profit.

Most players, however, are well aware that there can be significant differences in the odds of a match between different Betting Sites. The fact that it’s hard to win a game in a bookmaker doesn’t mean that a sure win is generally impossible. Because there’s no need to bet both 1 and 2 and X on the same bookmaker. Let’s be more specific: If we look for the best odds of 1-2-X in the various companies, there is a case, not always, to have a profit for each outcome of the match. Then we have to bet 1-2-X on different companies.

So suppose the table is valid for a match

1 Χ 2
Company A. 3.75 3.25 1.80
Company B 5.50 2.55 1.90
Company C 3.80 2.60 2.00
Company D 4.50 2.70 1.80

Let’s do some calculations: If game 1 comes, then betting on company B, we have an odds of 5.50. To win 100 euros we must bet 100 / 5.5 = 18.19 euros. Respectively, a profit of 100 euros in X of company A means a bet of 30.77 euros, while a profit of 100 euros in 2 of company C means a bet of 50 euros. So, in order to definitely win 100 euros, we must bet a total of 18.19 + 30.77 + 50 = 98.96 euros! The fact that with 98.96 euros we win 100 means a substantial profit of  1.05 per 100.

After seeing an example for sure bets, let us emphasize the following:

  • A sure  bet  gives a small but sure return
  • There is no sure bet in every match, only in certain exceptional cases
  • A secure chance requires registration with at least three bookmakers accepting single games
  • In the small yield, you should not forget to calculate the expenses/commissions/taxes (if any)

The five rules

Having been well acquainted with certain bets and their different types, we will briefly mention some golden rules for those who are interested in dealing with the subject. Pay close attention to the following:

1) Speed

Sure bets require a clear mind and speed. It’s more complicated than a simple bet, but the winnings are for sure. Obviously, a two-point bet like in basketball or tennis where we have the options 1 or 2 or in OV/UN is a more straightforward process than a three-point (1,2, Χ).

Speed ​​plays a significant role, and it’s better to have a computer with a fast connection. It would also be good to have the windows already open, one in each book, with the fields (amounts) filled in so that the two or three bets can be made immediately. Many prefer to start by giving the biggest bet first and then the smaller ones.

However, with two or three quick moves, you have to bet as fast as possible. This is very important when playing with back/lay where the prices are constantly changing. Of course, you will always be informed from the official site of each company for the latest prices.

2) Procedural

There should be no pending procedures. The account must already be open and have the required amount. Never expect to deposit betting on certain bets. After all, depositing or withdrawing for a profit from a secure bet alone is unprofitable. Betting on sure bets requires short moves, and you only have to deal with the odds.

3) Calmness

In case some odds change at the last minute (e.g., the worst-case scenario is to bet on 1 and X and the odds of the double suddenly decrease), do not lose your temper, bet the amount on the book that gives the immediately best odds. So, even if there is no sure bet, the losses will be limited.

The chances of this happening are small if you avoid exchanges, but you can reduce them even more if you avoid betting at the last minute or if (in back/lay) you bet first on the exchange, and if all goes well, then bet on a classic book.

4) Correct Calculations

Exchange calculations have been made with a commission of 3%. However, in case the commission is higher, you must do your own calculations. You should also check the latest prices from the companies’ sites. No site in the world can be more valid than the site of each company.

5) Experience

It would help if you had understood exactly how a safe bet is made. Read about sure bets, betting exchange, find out about commissions and betting limits on each book. Also, pay attention to whether the odds (basketball is a good example) include extra time or not. Some companies give odds of 1-X-2 in basketball, others provide 1-2, and others offer both options.

After studying, if you decide to experiment, prefer small amounts to learn the process without losses. If you do not understand the subject or have doubts, do not try. Remember that the process is tedious at first and requires a lot of seriousness. I would liken it to movements in the stock market.

If you see odds of 20% anywhere, be sure it is a mistake. Yields are almost always low, often from 0-5%. But do you know many ways to make a certain profit, for example, 2% in a few minutes?