Everything You Should Know About Knock Off Crocs

Crocs is a well-known brand name in the footwear industry. Crocs offers shoes, sandals, casual footwear, and so much more. This United States-based company based in Colorado has established a great following among American middle school, as well as high school students, with many opting to use Crocs as their school shoes.

However, due to various reasons, affordability, accessibility, and many other circumstances, people who want to still wear Crocs are prompted to opt for the less authentic ones, the knock off Crocs, or the fake ones.

While there are shoppers and individuals who always prefer buying the authentic, believe it or not, there is a community of shoppers who are loyal to the products that are not as authentic as the original brands. We will get to know more about knock off Crocs in this Kafila piece.

Original crocs vs. knock off Crocs

The original and authentic Crocs footwear are produced in Canada. Yet, because of their high demand and popularity, they expanded their network of factories, now in various countries, including Brazil, Mexico, Vietnam, China, Italy, and Bosnia. Therefore, the original Crocs footwear, any of them, can be produced from any of these countries. Even the Crocs with the “Made in China” label can be authentic.

Here are the qualities of a Crocs shoes that is authentic. For one, the original Crocs pairs always possess a shiny and accurate logo on their surface. Knock off Crocs usually have just a sticker on a button. Secondly, authentic Crocs are supplied and sold with their branded hangers that feature the company logo. Thirdly, authentic Crocs possess various labels with necessary information about their size, model frame, material, and more.

Furthermore, authentic Crocs also have the logo in the middle, including the information about their size, manufacturer, web link, and even the official website. These are what define what a Crocs footwear is. Opposite to where the address is, you can read the words “Boulder, Colorado” with the comma and never with the full stop, in lowercase letter beginnings. The authentic Crocs shoes are sold not inside a cardboard box, but a branded bag, either that of white paper or transparent plastic. The material is also worth noting. Crocs are meant to take the shape of your feet, making your feel you are never wearing any shoes at all to give out the best comfort.

The best Crocs products include the Crocs Classic Tie Dye Clogs, the Crocs Classic Realtree V2, the Crocs LiteRide Clog, the Crocs Brooklyn Low Wedge Sandals, the Crocs Crocband III Rainbow Block Slide, the Crocs Classic Bae Clog, the Crocs Santa Cruz Downtime Slip-On, the Crocs Serena Flip, the Crocs Classic Fuzz Lined Clogs, the Crocs Kids’ Bayaband Printed Sandal, and so much more. You can snag them in various retailers across the country.

knock off crocs

Here are the best Crocs knock offs

You never want to buy authentic Crocs when you are looking for knock offs, at the same time, you do not want to purchase knock offs when you are after the original Crocs. Here are the best Crocs knock offs that you should take note of.

1. Cat & Jack Toddler Jese Blown EVA Slip On Shoes

The Cat & Jack Toddler Jese Blown EVA Slip On Shoes is not Crocs, but looking like one. This beautiful pair of pink waterproof slip-ops are best for growing kids who want to own their pair of water shoes. Purchase this at Target for only $12.99.

2. Clog Garden Sandals

Walmart has a collection of items you will need, including knock off Crocs. The Clog Garden Sandals is one of them. It is like the original style, but on the more affordable side. Own the pair for $13.88.

3. Saguaro Slip-On Water Shoes

The Saguaro Slip-On Water Shoes is one of the most affordable you can find. On Amazon, it is just at $15.99 and on that range. This water shoes are available in various colors and styles.

This Crocs knock off is known for breathability, helping shed water, and is quick-drying. With its flexible and super light material, it offers the person wearing with utmost freedom, as well as convenience. The EVA sole, similar to other brands, offer non-marking features for extreme durability.

You can use the shoes with the soft heelcap as slippers, and they are also suitable for use in the garden, bath, indoors, outdoors, camping, driving your car, walking, visiting the beach, boating, surfing, windsurfing, kayaking, taking on a waterfall adventure, long-haul flights, cruises, and so much more.

Wearing knock off brands of shoes will never downgrade your outlook in front of other people. Surprisingly, there are those who think this way. Let us just say that preferring the knock off variants over the authentic ones is one of the signs of a practical buyer.