Top Lime Promo Codes & Coupons

Make your rides affordable with these fantastic deals at Lime. Their top offers to guarantee you spend less on your rides. Check out some of their top deals here and make a smart choice of having a part in an exceptional experience. To snap up the best saving out of these top deals, try using their promo code.

Lime Promo Codes

Promo Code Discount Expiration
R7IUDRZ Free 5 unlock and $5 in wallet N/A
RD4F4RK Up to 30 free rides for new users N/A
RIKK4PN 20 Free unlocks + $30 ride credit N/A
RMZEZGP 10 Free rides N/A
RNFZHI4 Free 5 rides on your order N/A
RPPBLBN $10 Off your next ride 12/31/2020
RBKHRCM $5 Off your order 8/28/2022
RUCB242 $30 ride credit 4/30/2021
RB24WZK 3 Free unlocks + $25 ride credits N/A

Free 5 unlock and $5 in your wallet

No company cares for your wallet, as Lime does. Hence they are keen to ensure that you do not blow up your wallet on your rides too. On this special offer, they want you to have five free unlocks, what’s more, you keep $5 in your wallet. Is there a company that has such a soft touch to your wallet? Copy the promotional code of “R7IUDRZ” and ensure yo paste it before you check out

Up to 30 free rides for new users

If you are new at Lime or looking to try out their rides for the first time, this offer will make you the best start. The deal promises up to 30 free rides for new users. How about that for your first experience? Make use of this coupon code “RD4F4RK“. Paste the code before you check out to redeem your deal. Take advantage of this decent pick and save big.

20 Free unlocks + $30 ride credit

Give your wallet a break from all the financial exploitation that it might be going through. This mega offer by Lime allows you to save more than 20 times on your rides. They promise to give you 20 free unlocks plus an additional bonus of $30 ride credit. Yes, you will not get charged to unlock your ride, and more interestingly, you get $30 credit to pay for your rides. Make your order now and take advantage of this mega-deal. Remember to copy and then paste this code “RIKK4PN” before you check out.

10 Free rides

Your Magic code for this top offer is “RMZEZGP.” Copy it and ensure you paste it before you check out to guarantee your free rides. Lime does not just talk big on offers. They also play big with their deals. With this colossal deal, they are offering you ten free rides. You will save numerous times on your rides, more than you would have imagined could be possible. Tap on this deal and ride for free.

Free 5 rides on your order

Lime Promo CodeLime is full of free rides to help you travel at your convenience and, more importantly, reduce your travel cost. With their offer of free 5 rides on your order, they want you to experience their appreciation of your efforts. Make your order for the day and have five free rides that will allow you to save more. Use this coupon code “RNFZHI4“. Remember to paste it before you check out.

$10 Off your next ride

Lime is giving you yet another time-limited deal but with massive gains. With this offer, they guarantee that on your next ride, you will save $10. Not only that, but you also have enough time to make several orders before the deadline to get your $10 saving each time. Do not waste a moment and grab yourself this code, “RPPBLBN“. Remember to paste it before you check out. The offer expires on 12/31/2020.

$5 Off your order

Imagine saving $5 from now to 8/28/2022 on every ride you make. That is the opportunity Lime is offering you with this top deal of $5 off your order. The only thing standing on your way to this great deal is copying this code “RBKHRCM.” Plus ensuring that you paste it before you check out. Start making your order now and experience over 18 months of saving $5.

$30 Ride credit

This super deal at Lime features limited time and promises you to enjoy a whopping $30 ride credit. The offer expires on 4/30/2021; thus, you have sufficient time to make the best of their $30 ride credit. Do not miss out on taking advantage of this top offer and ride more from zero sweat. All you need is this promo code “RUCB242”. Ensure you paste it before you check out.

3 Free unlocks + $25 ride credits

Lime is determined to have you enjoy your rides at a super friendly cost, and this offer attests to their wish. With this friendly deal, you get to have three free unlocks, plus a reward of $25 ride credits. Thus, you will save on three unlocks and your next ride due to the credit reward. How awesome is that? Get this promo code “RB24WZK” for your chance to save big. Remember to paste the code before you check out.