Best Lyft Promo Code & Coupons


Companies are trying to give customers the best services. Transport companies have come up with ways to retain existing customers and attract new customers. How do you know that a company has considerate services? Coupons and promotions are now widespread, and companies like Lyft are incorporating promotions to ensure you have a safe ride as you save. We have compiled the best promotions currently active. Check through and use the one that feels attractive to you.

Lyft Promo Codes

1 Free Ride

You can save with a free ride using the coupon by Lyft. Other users are getting a free ride with the promo code “LUKE795681”. You can get your first free ride by copying and pasting at the checkout for activation and then using it to request your trip. This promotion applies to new users and thus an attractive offer if you want a free ride. Grab it now before the dates fade out.

$10 Off a Ride

Lyft is giving you a $10 Off your safe ride. Request for the car and use the promo code to make this offer valid. The promo code is “ILAYDA07977”. Copy and paste it during checkout then apply it to your request. This will save you a lot and allow you to enjoy a safe ride to your destination. Try the offer today, and let us know how it worked out for you.

$100 Off For Next 10 Rides

Lyft has taken things notch higher to better your riding experience. The offer available allows you to get 10 rides at $100 only. This is an offer you need on your daily routine with a busy schedule. You will save on the trips when compared to a single trip. The magic code for this offer is “GRILLO24906”. Copy and paste at the checkout for activation, then use it during your payment and see the deal work for you.

Up to 60% Off Your Ride

Lyft Promo CodeAnother crazy offer is available for you. What does it take to have a 60% off offer to your ride? Now, the Lyft Company is where you will get this offer today. Select it during your trip and pay 40% as you save 60%. The promo code for this offer is “COURTNEY74658”. Copy and paste for activation then apply to your payment and save. This promotion is available for a short period, and using it today makes you a lucky rider.

40% Off Your Rides

The next promotion guarantees you a 40% off your ride at Lyft. This promotion is there but rare, so grabbing it today is a lifetime opportunity. Do not think twice; instead, request for your ride and arm yourself with the promo code “ALLEN40640” to get the 40% off deal. This promotion is attractive, and many users are finding it a great deal. Apply it and see how it affects your final prices positively.

$25 Off Your Next 3 Rides

Your next three rides might be the fortune you’ve ever wanted. Now, Lyft Company is ready to offer you $25 off your upcoming three rides. This is attractive and a great way to keep some money in your pockets. The promo code for this offer is “JUSTIN08838”. Please copy and paste for activation, then apply to your final payment and get your three rides on offer.

$4 Credit Per Ride For 4 Rides

Ride with $4 credit for your next 4 rides. This is an offer you can’t afford to miss as it is available through 2020. You need the promo code “LYFTPROMO16” to actualize the offer and apply it to your ride. This promotion will save you a lot and make your ride satisfactory when compared to other trips. Thousands of users say that the deal is too sweet to reject, and you can join them with the promo code above.

Free $50 Credit

Request for your ride and become the lucky rider with $50 credit. This promotion is active and on-demand. The offer will come to an end soon and thus the need to get it now. You can try it through the promo code “RICHGUY” and see how it works for you. Copy and paste the code for activation then apply to your request.

$5 Off For New Users

Another attractive promotion for new users is now available. You will save $5 on your first ride. This promotion has a promo code “OHMYLYFT20”. Copy and paste at the checkout for activation then use it for your ride. We can promise you that the offer will be available forever, but you can use it today and never regret it.

Free $10 Credit For Gmail Users

Are you a Gmail user? Have you signed up for updates about Lyft? Now, you will get free $10 off your ride with this promotion. The promo code for this deal is “GMAIL”. Please copy and paste it for activation and afterward apply it to your trip. It is the best way to save as you ride. The offer is a short term deal, so get it right away.

35% Off Rides For Existing Users

Finally, we picked this promotion for the existing users. It allows you to get a ride at 35% off, which is a massive save. The promotion code for this offer is “NAT00087”. Copy and paste at the checkout, and after activation, apply to your payment. You will be happy with the outcome. It might expire anytime and, therefore, try it this early.

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