Managers in The Music Industries

What is a manager or managing? Think about it as the person who organizes your daily business activities and plans the goals for the future of your artistic career. Managers do not only spend their days on the day-to-day artist activities such as interviews, photoshoots, album planning, among others. But a manager also works daily on the business aspects of their client’s production career. An excellent manager such asĀ Mark GillespieĀ ensures all your royalties and makes sure you get paid properly, too.

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If you are a rising talent and you do not have a manager, you can use this article as a guideline to learn the principal elements of a good manager.

What Is the Job of a Music Manager?

The focus of music managers is the business side of the career of their artists. If you are new in your industry’s landscape, a managing producer does not only take care of the business side of your work; it is also their job to help you build your career from the ground. Experts always recommend linking up with a manager if you want your career to take off, no matter how talented you are on your own. However, it is not an easy task to find an experienced and reliable manager. That is why you need to make sure who you are dealing with before hiring them.

Where Can You Find Music Managers?

Managers are usually moving with their client’s projects and business matters; it is rare to find them in their offices. However, you can get a lot of opportunities if you look for them in the right places. Here are a couple of places where you are more likely to meet managing producers:

Recording and Photoshoot Studios

Many managers accompany their artists during their new project recording sessions and photoshoots for their next album or song cover. If you go to these places, you might reach one or even more managers. Try using your connections to get a pass to a recording session, and do not forget to bring a sample of your work as you probably can convince them to listen to it and hopefully become one of their clients.


Industry events can give you the opportunity of meeting some great managers. There are many ways to attend a lot of these events. Here are some of the industry events where you probably meet managing producers:

  • Meet and greet functions.
  • Open mic nights.
  • Seminars.
  • Conferences.
  • Round table discussions.

Remember, ask smart. Think about what you have to say before catching people’s attention; this is the moment where you must make a good impression.

Benefits of Having a Manager

A question people and rising talents often ask is how a manager can help you. That is why we made you this list of advantages having a managing producer can bring you.

  • They can ease the communication between you and other people in the industry.
  • Having a manager that represents you can make you look more professional.
  • Managers guide you in the early years of your career, so you make more professional decisions.
  • It allows you to keep the focus on your work while they handle all business matters.

As we said earlier, hiring a manager the best move to start your rise as an artist. When looking for a manager, make sure you have the elements they are looking for in a client, such as unique sound, creativity, strong work ethic, drive, and experience to back you up.