Mesotherapy – The Ultimate Technique to Bring Your Skin to Life!

The quest for beauty is never-ending, but the struggle to have healthy and glowing skin is really exhausting. It’s quite difficult to maintain a solid skincare routine with a busy life. Besides, the natural skincare regimes take forever to work while the regular use of chemical and synthetic skincare products damages the skin. Moreover, there is no effective topical product to fix the skin issues that appear due to aging and hormonal problems.

But, all thanks to science and technology, nearly every issue related to the skin could be fixed by the latest techniques and procedures. There seems to be something for every skin-related problem today, just like ฟิลเลอร์ can help you improve the volume of the parts of the face that have sagged or sunken (like lips), botox can help you enhance your facial features, and HIFU can help you with tightening the skin. Technological development doesn’t end here. Today, you can address multiple skin problems with a single technique. One such lesser-known technique is Mesotherapy, a non-surgical and non-invasive technique, that we have discussed in detail ahead.

What’s Mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is a revolutionary, non-surgical skin procedure. The objective is to rejuvenate and tighten the skin. As the name indicates, the process is related to the Meso i.e. middle layer of the skin. The procedure involves the administration of vitamins, enzymes, hormones, and plant or medicinal extracts into the middle layer of the skin. The objective of the therapy is to rejuvenate and tighten the skin as well as to remove excess fat as needed.

The technique is also known as “Biorejuvenation” or “Biorevitalization”.


Mesotherapy isn’t restricted to just face like other beauty treatments, but it could be performed on other areas of the body as well, be it excess fat in stomach, thighs or buttocks, etc., wrinkles or loose skin on face or alopecia, Mesotherapy is conducted according to the needs and problems of the concerned area.

Beneficial Effects for Skin

It won’t be wrong to say that Mesotherapy is the ultimate technique to bring your skin to life and add glow to it. The doctors use variant formulae and a combination of products according to the requirements of each patient. Pharmaceutical or homeopathic preparations, prescription medicines like vasodilators and antibiotics, hormones such as calcitonin or thyroxin, herbal extracts, vitamins, or other formulations are injected into the subcutaneous fat via microneedles. The treatment produces revolutionary results, some of which are listed below:

Providence of High Concentration of Vitamins and Enriching Ingredients

Mesotherapy tends to refresh and rejuvenate the skin by administrating considerable concentrations of serums, vitamins, and other nutritious mixes of potent compounds into the middle layer of skin. The process ensures the complete delivery of administered components.

Alternative to Costly Surgeries

You could opt for Mesotherapy as part of your anti-aging skin routine as it’s quite cost-effective in comparison to other treatments, especially plastic surgeries. Also, the process is comparatively less invasive. You don’t have to undergo any surgical slicing or operation. The therapeutic components are delivered to your skin via microneedles and there’s no downtime or recovery period.

Resolving Multiple Skin Issues

It’s a promising approach to resolve multiple skin issues. It could fix pigmentation, wrinkles, cellulite reduction, lines, and loose skin. The technique is used to remove excess fat from areas like stomach, buttocks, face, arms, etc. It also recontours the desired part of the body or the entire body. Furthermore, the technique is also helpful in treating Alopecia, a condition causing hair loss.

Brightens up the Skin

It miraculously brightens up the face as well as provide a radiant glow to the skin by fixing age spots, pigmentation, and melasma.

Skin Hydration

The skin’s moisture content is boosted to keep it hydrated so that it appears plump, firm, and healthy.

Desired Contouring and tailoring

You have the freedom to contour and tailor your lips, face, and body according to your desires and requirement.

About The Procedure

It’s a simple process that initially requires a consultancy session with the dermatologist to discuss the pros and cons as well as the requirements. The number of sessions varies as per the specific treatment.

The treatment steps are as follows:

  • The doctor injects a topical anesthetic to the area to be treated.
  • Microneedles are used to inject the required ingredients or compounds into the middle skin layer of the targeted area.
  • Depending on your skin issues, the injections are administered to varying depths of around 1 to 4 millimeters into the skin.

The effects are visible right after the treatment. You have to stop using NSAIDs, Aspirin, and other medicines a week prior to the procedure to avoid the risk of bruising and bleeding. However, the process isn’t approved by the FDA and like other procedures, there’s a risk of minor side effects like itching, hyperpigmentation, etc. A patch test of substance to be injected is recommended to perform before the treatment to avoid allergic reactions.

All in all, Mesotherapy is one of the most effective and safest cosmetic treatments that deliver promising results in literally no time.