Mysterious Facts about Bitcoins

Bitcoin is one of the most happening trading sectors these days. It is also considered to be one of the coolest trading sectors when compared to the other trading methods like Stocks and shares.

This trading method available with websites like is attracting a lot of youngsters because of its cool features and some of the mysterious facts. We have made an effort to come up with various such facts that are unknown to people and also quite interesting about Bitcoin through this article

No one knows who created Bitcoin

The first and foremost mysterious fact about Bitcoin is that it is created by someone who is extremely mysterious or a group of people who have never revealed their identity and this has been mentioned in the Bitcoin whitepaper. The name of the person or group is a pseudonym, and it is called Satoshi Nakamoto.

It is not completely decentralized

Well, Bitcoin claims that it is totally decentralized and it is not controlled by one single entity. But, there are a few people who have other arguments. The computing power required to mine the Bitcoins is controlled by a few people or a group of people, and these entities have revealed their identities as, antpool, connect BTC, and Therefore with all this information, it becomes pretty difficult for us to accept that the Bitcoin system is completely decentralized.

You can purchase some strange products using Bitcoins

A lot of traders spend Bitcoins in buying bizarre things because there is no limitation for the seller to accept it as a mode of payment. Evidence of people who have spent Bitcoins on purchasing goats, webcams, and a trip to outer space have all been recorded, and this is one of the most interesting facts which you will never find otherwise with any of the other trading methods.

It is controlled by an ecosystem

Unlike the other form of trading, Bitcoin works on the peer to peer network system, and any transactions that you carry out on the blockchain technology is registered on the ledger. The miners, investors, merchants, and the developers of the application and every other member that is part of the ecosystem can access the information through the ledger.

Satoshi is the smallest unit

There are different names given to the smallest units for the currencies. Likewise, Satoshi is the name that is given to the smallest unit in the Bitcoin, and using this denomination; you can carry out the smallest of small transactions without any hassles. Since the creator of Bitcoin Technology has named himself or the group as Satoshi Nakamoto, the smallest unit has been given this name.

Debate on currency and commodity

Every other thing has clarity in the trading system. For instance, if you buy shares and stocks, you call it as an investment. But, in Bitcoin, no one knows whether it is a commodity or a currency. A lot of traders call it a commodity but most of them have coined it as currency as it is spent in order to buy something. Generally, the government bodies refer to Bitcoins as commodities.

Make a fortune by selling Bitcoin graphics card

Apart from the conventional method of trading using Bitcoins, there are so many people in today’s world who have indulged themselves in the sales of graphics cards and mining hardware that are part of the Bitcoin Technology. This is another interesting fact that can actually intrigue you about Bitcoin.

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There is no broker

For instance, if you purchase a stock or a share, there are middlemen who are required to manage your account, and they even charge fees which are pretty high. When it comes to Bitcoin Technology, you do not have to involve any third party who can claim your coins. Neither can anybody steal your coins not there is a chance for any government authority to make you pay huge taxes for the coins that you have accumulated.

If you are still thinking as to why you need to open a wallet in Bitcoin, we hope that these reasons mentioned above will make you start trading using Bitcoins right away. Especially after knowing so many interesting facts, we are certain that you would be keen to have your wallet created, isn’t it?