National Database and Registration Authority

The National Database and Registration Authority, commonly known as NADRA, is an individualistic and self-governing organization that’s under the jurisdiction of the interior secretary of Pakistan. NADRA was founded 20 years ago on 10 March 2000.

The headquarters of NADRA is located in Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Venue. It falls under the jurisdiction of the constitution of Pakistan. The interior secretary of Pakistan regulates government databases and manages the sensitive registration database of the permanent citizens of Pakistan. The slogan that this organization follows says, “EMPOWERMENT THROUGH IDENTITY”.

The official website of NADRA is NADRA is liable for issuing computerized national identity cards to the citizens, maintaining their sensitive information within the govt. databases, and safeguarding the national identities of citizens of Pakistan from theft. It has 18,000 employees to date in 800 domestic offices and is consistently growing at a rapid speed.


NADRA was formed by the merging directorate general of registration Pakistan in conjunction with the National Database Organization(NDO). NADRA is an autonomous body, operating independently with the official order to exchange the old directorate general of registration with a computerized system of registering the Pakistani citizens.

NADRA had launched the multi-biometric national identity card developed with the agreement to international security documentation in the year 2000. This program replaced the paper-based identity system that had earlier been in use. NADRA flourished during the authority of former chairman Mr. Ali Arshad Hakeem.


It is an automated identity card issued by NADRA to the Pakistani citizens in 2000. The computerized national identity card is first issued at the age of 18. It is not compulsory to have this card issued; however, for availing the following benefits, this card is necessary:


Obtaining a passport

Purchasing vehicles and land in Pakistan

Obtaining a driver’s license

Setting up a business


National identity card for overseas Pakistanis(NICOP) is a registration document that is issued to the eligible citizens of Pakistan who live or have reference abroad. In case of dual nationality, any Pakistani citizen can apply for NICOP and should visit Pakistan without requiring a visa.

Online application for NICOP can be submitted only at https:// One can apply for NICOP by visiting the Nadra registration center(NRC) or through the Pak-identity website. The physical presence of the applicant is necessary at the NADRA office for live photo and biometric.


NADRA introduced a Smart National Identity card(SNIC). Pakistan’s first electronic identity card which is also one of the securest in the world. The NADRA smart Id can be tracked. The information is sent to 8400, and the message is sent.

NADRA has started its operations of online application and registration for the NICOP. Online data is collected, which includes fingerprints and thumb impressions. Online fee is submitted through debit or credit card.

After the partition of East Pakistan (Bangladesh presently), a new statistical database was needed to ensure the safety of citizens. A national identity card(NIC) number was issued to the citizens of Pakistan.

If you are a Pakistani citizen above 18, you can apply for your ID at