National Championship Betting

What is the National Championship?

The football season is here again, and along with it comes the craze of online betting! Over the years, colleges have actively hosted and taken part in football championships. The games are conducted at a neutral location and will be figured out by holding various bids. The National Championship has been conducted since 2014. The teams that participate are chosen by having two semifinal games. These semifinal games are hosted by New Year’s Six, and they have an annual rotation of bowls. The winner of the game wins the title of College Football Playoff National Championship Trophy.


National Championship betting

The US has slowly started to recognize the world of online betting. However, the road to legalizing betting on the National Championship has just begun. The midwest and south will be able to part in the online betting platforms from 2020. The northeastern states, too, have legalized betting on the National Championship games from this year. Here are a few pointers on how to bet on the National Championship games

The States that have legalized online betting for the National Championship –

1. New Jersey

2. Pennsylvania

3. Iowa

4. West Virginia

5. Illinois

6. Colorado

7. Tennessee

8. Michigan

List of Sportsbooks offering odds for the National Championship betting–

A point to be made aware of is that certain states will restrict you from betting on in-state teams. But you will be able to bet on all legal online sportsbooks like Bk8 as long as it is legalized. Various online portals will help guide you to decide which team and player to bet with. They will scrutinize all the groups and offer you the best players. Here is a quick guide on how to utilize online portals for betting advice –

1. Step 1 – Select the website most suitable to your liking.

2. Step 2 – Create an account on the website

3. Step 3 – Upon creating the account, you will be able to view boosted odds.

4. Step 4 – Bet on the most probable winning team. Bet $1 on the chosen team, and if they do win the game, you will win $100.

Make sure to check among all the sportsbooks for the most lucrative and legal deal. They should be able to offer you a safe and fair bet with 100% cashback. Some of the famous sportsbooks are FanDuel, FOX Bet, PointsBet and William Hill. These sportsbooks are known to have odds, boosts and also promos for the coming game.


To place a bet on a sports betting website, the following must be done –

Step 1: The first step would be to sign in or log in to your preference’s chosen sports betting website.

Step 2: Search for the football section on the app or website.

Step 3: Once you choose the football section on the site, you will view odds for the ongoing or coming game.

Step 4: After seeing the odds select from the spread, money line or total and choose your type of bet.

Step 5: If you are not yet satisfied, you can view more wagers and then choose the amount you offer up and place the bet.

Step 6 -After the game is over, make sure to login into the app or website and check how you fared.

Make sure to choose an app or website that offers live betting as you have the opportunity to keep betting as the game is progressing, and this allows you to have an encouraging outcome.

What to know about the 2020 National Championship?

The National Championship for 2020 happened on 12th – 13th January 2020 with Clemson 25 vs LSU 42. There were a total of 76,885 spectators in attendance watching the game live. LSU beat Clemson with an impressive score of 42-25. Bookmakers chose a high amount of 69.5 points. While the over was -106 and the under was -115. The extra tax was made to be added on to the under as both the under and over previously was -110. Interested people were encouraged to bet $10 on LSU to make a good profit.


America is obsessed with football, and making some side money while watching some good old football never hurts anyone! Follow all the above steps to create your profile and start betting during the next championship soon!