Nigeria Independence Celebration Paper Writing Competition

Independence celebration day in Nigeria was a chance to develop better leaders for the future. The celebration was organized by the head of Osun state. As part of the function, there was a paper writing competition for young people.

On the celebration day, the leader of Osun state did not attend. However, his assistance was the onfountain pen on black lined paper that played his part during the function that commemorated sixty-one years of independence.

Each paper writer who was part of the competition felt encouraged to develop better ideas that could help improve the country. In addition, they could feel the need to be the experts in delivering information that contributes to the nation’s growth.

Several people gave their speeches during the event. Later, the paper writing winners got announced.

The 1st speaker

The first speech giver was the regional integration administrator. He applauded the Osun head for organizing a paper writing exercise that offered the youths a platform to demonstrate their skills.

He continued to say that his sector got 700 entries from several learning institutions, both public and individual-owned. There were also participants from the local state areas.

The celebration attracted many youths who used their views to develop helpful solutions to Nigeria’s problems.

The paper production exercise encourages studying and excelling. It is the best way to promote fair and intellectual competition.

The 2nd speaker

The chairperson was second to speak at the event. He expressed gratitude to the region head for supporting youths by allowing them to participate in paper production.

The 3rd speaker

A general stood up to express his excitement. He was proud of the state for arranging a remarkable event despite the negative things witnessed.

He proceeded to encourage youths to contribute to society’s growth. Some of the things Nigeria needs are knowledge, security, and development. Everyone needs to do something to make the nation better.

The general additionally talked about family merits. He feels that the nation’s poor protection system gets fixed if family principles get recovered. He further emphasized that citizens need to help the government improve security.

The 4th speaker

The 1st version champion also thanked the governor for the paper writing initiative. He felt it was the best way to prepare youths for leadership roles since it allows them to know what is happening and determine what to do to improve things.

The 5th speaker

The service head applauded the Osun leader for planning the paper production competition. He liked it even more because he was once part of a similar exercise.

The speaker further urged people to be serious with paper production since it can lead to more accomplishments.

The young people who emerged as winners

The paper writing exercise organizers analyzed all papers and determined the winners in every category.

High school winners:

  1. A student from Fakunle Comprehensive school.
  2. A learner from Ambassadors College Ile-Ife.
  3. A student from Our Lady and St. Francis.

Tertiary institution winners:

  1. Bowen university student.
  2. A learner at Ibadan University.
  3. A participant from Adeleke university.

Tertiary category paper writing champions got awarded a vehicle besides money.