Top Olive Garden Coupon & Promo Codes

Have you tried the Olive Garden coupons?

They have great offers for their customers, including all free stuff. They want to make sure no customer is locked out, and they get to enjoy their products and still save.

Why pay for more when you can pay less by using the coupons. They even have a deal for fathers day. Below are among the best coupons and deals they have on their site.

Olive Garden Coupons

Get a whole free entree

It’s not in many places you get a free entree, but Olive Gardens want to make sure they give their customers a complete experience.

All you need is to buy one entree, and you get another entree for free to take home. You don’t need any code for you to enjoy the offer.

Fathers day discount

Who said treating your father or any father in your life should be expensive? Olive Garden is making things easy for you this time around. They are offering the best with the best pricing you can ever get.

Spend $50 and enjoy a $10 discount. To get the deal is simple, you don’t need any coupon code. Order make your order above the $50 and enjoy the discount. The offer expires soon so the earlier you purchase, the better.

$1 and enjoy your meatballs

Olive Garden CouponsGet meatballs for $1 to add to your spaghetti and the meat sauce. This will help to complete your meal and enjoy it more.

All you need is to buy the $5 home entree to get the meatballs at $1. You don’t need a coupon code from Olive Garden to get the deal. The deal is up for a limited time, grab it, and enjoy your meal while it lasts.

Free appetizer or dessert

Everyone should enjoy a free appetizer or dessert. And you don’t have to sweat to get either, sign up with your email, and the next time you visit Olive Garden, you will enjoy a free dessert or appetizer according to what you choose.

Signing up is simple and will not cost you a thing or take up much of your time. So, it is a simple task that anyone can take part and enjoy the offer. Like other offers this one also has a limited time, sign up and enjoy the offer now.

$5 off your $40 order

Olive Garden has many offers and discounts to make sure its customers enjoy at least one of them. It is up to the customers to choose the coupon that fits their interests best at that point.

That is why they are giving a $5 discount on orders worth $40 and above. This is to make sure all their customers get to enjoy what they offer. To get the deal is simple, visit their site or store and use the coupon code ‘5OFFTG’, and make sure you write the code correctly to get the offer.

Hurry now and enjoy the offer as it is still on.

Five drinks for $5

At times we tend to forget to budget for the drinks when buying food and find ourselves spending a lot than we had planned. Especially on those sunny days where you keep feeling like drinking something to cool you off.

But with Olive Garden drinks are sold at a price that makes it easy for their customers to enjoy. With them, you don’t need to budget as the change is enough to buy enough drinks.

Five drinks for $5 is a good deal for everyone. Treat yourself, and your friends with drinks and you don’t have to worry about spending much. You don’t need any coupon so make your order and the discount reflects directly. The offer is on for a limited time so make sure you confirm if the offer is still on before you order.

13% off

Get 13% off from your order when you purchase through Postmates. This applies to all your doorstep delivery. You don’t need a coupon for the offer as long as you order through Postmates. The offer will reflect directly.

Enjoy the offer now as it is on for a limited time. Thousands of people have used it so you can be confident when making your order as it is legit and helps you to save tremendously.

Early dinners for $8.99

Where else do you get such a deal?

Olive Garden has an offer on early dinners on weekdays. The best part is the cost is for duo dinner. Visit them and enjoy the offer as it is up for a limited time. The offer doesn’t need any coupon as long as you visit the restaurant between 3-5 pm the discount will reflect directly when you pay.

Save $5 on orders of $30

Save more with Olive Garden. Purchase goods worth $30 and enjoy a $5 discount. This way you can treat yourself to a good meal after a long day without the worry of spending much. The best part is their food is on point and will leave you wanting more.

The deal is real as is verified, and many people have used it. To get the discount use the coupon code ‘5OFF30’ to get the offer. Make sure you write the code correctly to get the offer. The discount has limited time so grab the offer now.