Online Dating Safety Tips Every Woman Should Know


The days of meeting your perfect partner by chance are long over. Thanks to online dating services, it’s become easier than ever to meet several new people every day and chat with people who you might never have crossed paths with or gotten the chance to get to know in the real world. However, despite the ever-growing popularity of online dating, it can still be quite a dangerous situation for women in particular. While there are plenty of online dating success stories, we have all heard our fair share of horror stories too. Here are some key tips for keeping yourself safe when dating online.

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Lock Down Social Media:

If you’re using your favorite photos for your dating site profile, chances are that you’ve got them posted on your Instagram or Facebook as well. Before you sign up for an online dating site, it’s a wise idea to check your socials to make sure that there’s no information available that could provide more information on you such as where you live or work that you might not want strangers to know. Make your profiles as private as possible so that you can control who has access.

Choose a Reputable Dating Site:

While there is always the risk of running into bad people on any dating site, some sites are more reputable than others when it comes to profile verification and user safety. Do your research to choose a site where it’s safe for women seeking men to meet here. Look at current and past user reviews and pay particular attention to reviews that mention security and safety. A dating site that takes some time to verify your identity might be slightly inconveniencing if you have to wait a couple of hours to get started, but it can make all the difference to your safety.

Meet in Public:

It might be tempting to accept an offer of a ride from a date who’s been nothing but charming up until now but bear in mind that this will mean that they have your address – which might turn into a nightmare if you end up rejecting their offer of a second date. The truth is that you never really know anybody who you have only spoken to online, so the safest option is to make your way to a public place to meet your date for the first time. Opt for somewhere with plenty of people around like a restaurant or a coffee shop.

Trust Your Gut:

Finally, as you’re browsing West Virginia Personals at and chatting with eligible singles, always trust what your gut is telling you. Chances are that if something feels off, it probably is. If your gut is telling you not to go on a date with your latest match, listen to it as there’s probably a reason why you are feeling uneasy about it, even if you’re not exactly sure why at the time. Don’t trust anybody who struggles to respect your wish to meet in a public place or insists on adding you on social networks before you are ready.

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