Overcoming Stress: How to Stay Fit, Motivated, and Optimistic


While there are some situations that are challenging as they happen but seem much easier in retrospect, the COVID-19 crisis of 2020 is probably not one of those things. It is understandable to be stressed and discouraged by current events, as the pandemic has brought about so many sweeping changes. Even the changes that look to be potentially advantageous — such as people having to work from home to help mitigate the spread — are causing plenty of issues as not everyone is ready to undergo such a change.

Even though the changes in lifestyle might be for the better, the fact that so many people are not ready for such things is why stress levels are so high. It can make a difficult situation seem impossible, and make it much more challenging to look at the bright side of things.

That said, it is crucial now more than ever to do what you can to stay as positive as possible, as despite the many challenges brought by the pandemic, the one certainty is that it will eventually pass. The world is making a concentrated effort to stave off the infection, and people are learning to get used to the lifestyle changes. When it comes to overcoming stress in general, here are just a few easy best-practice methods to help you stay fit, motivated, and optimistic — ready to handle the responsibilities that lie ahead.

Starting with the basics

Considering that heightened stress and anxiety levels make it much more difficult for individuals to get a hold of the situation and relax, the first order of business would be to prioritize your health as much as possible. A few tips on the road to healthier living include:

  • Getting enough sleep. The very first rule when it comes to remaining positive and optimistic would be to get enough sleep every night. Those who have trouble with sleeping or consider themselves to be night owls might have trouble adhering to such a rule, but it is crucial as the foundation of healthier living. If you must force yourself to go for seven or eight hours of sleep a night, do so. Fortunately, there are more tips below that can help you get a better night’s sleep!
  • Getting enough water. These tips might seem quite obvious, but there is a reason why they are part of the list; not enough people take the time to stay hydrated and get enough rest. They do not realize the far-reaching consequences of such things, and it does not help that it can take a long time for bad habits to eventually form into physical symptoms.
  • Getting enough food. Similar to the other two tips above, the last of the foundations for healthier living includes getting enough nourishing food for your system. It can be a little less clear-cut compared to the above tips, as going for fast-food all the time will only cause more problems down the line. Ensure that you get enough fiber in your system, and choose healthier food over the ones that seem easy.

On the topic of exercise

The reason why many people tend to neglect exercise is the idea that you have to work yourself to the bone to get any results. Sometimes, you get thoughts like why do I feel like a failure? However, that could not be any farther from the truth. While more intensive workouts mean that you get better results, exercise is just all about making sure that you do not end up with repetitive strain injuries and the like.

For people who spend most of their time working in an office or in their workstation at home, it can be easy to spend hour after hour sitting down and trying to get the job done. No matter how good your posture or your chair is, it will still cause aches and pains down the line. Exercise is taking the time to stand up and move around. It is taking the time to go for a walk or even a light jog. It does not seem like a big deal, but it is the very reason why it is so crucial, as so many people tend to neglect it.

Reinforcing certain moods during the day

Another reason why some people find it so hard to remain optimistic is that they cannot seem to make the most out of the current situation. Some people find it hard to focus on work when they have to, while others find it hard to relax during their off-hours. When such a thing festers over time, it can be challenging to have an optimistic mindset about anything.

Fortunately, the use of wellness products is set to break that habit. For example, while it might be challenging to deal with work, when paired with your favorite cup of tea or coffee, suddenly it is much easier. When you are trying hard to relax, when paired with essential oils and other wellness products, suddenly it is much easier to breathe and let the stress melt away.

Some people go the extra mile and make use of cannabis oil to reinforce the feeling of rest and relaxation. CBD oil is known to help alleviate symptoms of stress and anxiety, easing frayed nerves, and generally making it much easier to focus on the task at hand. It is also touted as an effective painkiller, making it one of the go-to products for those who are suffering from symptoms of pain.

Last but not least — have fun!

Without a doubt, one of the best pieces of advice you can get during this uncertain time would be to have as much fun as you can, whenever you can. Take the time to enjoy yourself, treat yourself to something good. Give yourself a prize for getting this far into such a challenging year while still keeping everything together. One of the advantages that come with facing challenging times is that you can be proud of yourself for keeping a handle on things. While it might seem like a hopeless situation, setting up a foundation for healthy living can open up new opportunities for positivity and optimism.

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