Best Panera Coupons & Promo Codes

Are you looking for Panera coupons to save more while you shop? You’re in the right place. We have select offers suitable for you. Out of the hundreds we came across, we picked some recommendations to make your shopping a great save. Below, find the recommended coupons and use them during your shopping at Panera Bread.

Panera Coupons

Trending discount code

Here is a promotion that lets you save on the goods you are shopping at Panera. The significant discount is a surprise where you buy and input a code. The promo code is “SUMMERFIVE.” Please copy and paste it at the checkout after activation. That will apply the discount automatically on your payment. Isn’t this a great way to save? Try it out and be happy, just like other shoppers.

20% Sitewide promotion

Another way to save is to use the available promotion of 20% off on your purchase. The promo code for this surprise promotion is “PRFUND.” Once you add the bread on your cart, remember to copy the code, and after activation, apply it to the purchase to save more. The promotion runs for a few days, so take advantage of the limited time and shop more.

35% Off the strawberry

Get your strawberry today, and get a 35% discount. It’s an enormous save if you are serious about that. The promotion, unlike others, comes with promo code  “3OFFSTRAWBERRY” copy and use it during check out. It allows you to activate the promo code and apply it during the purchase.

50% Off soup

Are you buying soup at Panera restaurant today? The 50% off offer is an excellent deal to grab and use before the expiry date. The promo code for this offer is “50OFFSOUP”. Once you copy the code, apply to your purchase after activation, and see the prices fall in your favor.

Save $12.09

Here is your week’s deal where you save more with the shopping at Panera. Using the promo code “BOGOPICK2” saves more on your purchase, a limited time offer on your favorite bread. Remember to apply the promo code at the checkout for you to save on your buy.

Get $5 off a curbside pickup

Panera CouponAnother great discount at Panera is here. Get $5 off your purchase and enjoy the massive save. This offer requires you to apply the promo code “5OFFMYPANERA” to your purchase. Ensure you copy the code and activate it at the checkout. After that, refer to the purchase and save more.

$5 Off the purchase over $20

Did you know that you can save $5 off the purchase of items over $20? Well then, this is your current deal, and the promo code is “SUMMER5”. Copy and activate it at the checkout then have it applied to your purchase. Once you save more, you get to save some money to use in case of a deficit. The promotion runs through August, so grab it before it expires.

Free delivery on orders $15 plus

Did you know that you qualify for free delivery on your order? Shop for your favorite bread and wait at the comfort of your home for shipping. The minimum purchase should be $15 for you to qualify. When buying, meet the requirements and then copy the promo code “FREEDELIVERY”  and activate it for use and see how it saves you the hustle off shipping.

Free coffee all summer

Are you crazy about coffee? Great news! Panera has a promotion for you, where you get free unlimited coffee all through summer, But first, you have to subscribe to the MyPanera+ Coffee. The offer is available for a limited time, so hurry and get your slot before you regret the delay. Luckily, the offer is already activated, so no need for the promo code.

$20 off, $100 on Menu that’s fresh for summer

Your summer is never the same as you shop today, save more with the Panera purchase. Get your menu and make your order. When you use $100, you qualify for a discount of $20. It is a massive save. Use the promo code “SALADMONTH” to activate the deal. Once active, it’s applied to your purchase at the checkout. Since this deal is irresistible, hurry before the company decides to limit it and lock you out.

Free unlimited coffee

Another discount on coffee is now available. Shop at Panera and get your free coffee deal. The offer is attractive and requires the promo code “COFFEE62cc17”. Simply copy the code, and once you activate it, apply to your payment to get the deal. We are uncertain of when the offer ends, but since it is still active, use it to your advantage.

50% Off your delivery orders up to $20

You qualify for a shipping discount for orders above $20. Simply copy the promo code “DELIVERYTODAY” and use it at the checkout. You will get the 50% off shipping cost, and that is how you save money with Panera coupons.

$5 Off your order

Finally, you qualify for a discount of $5 when you order from Panera. This offer is exclusive and thus a great way to save. Visit the site and start shopping. Once you complete your shopping, remember to use the promo code “DECDEL19” on your purchase.