Plum Paper Promo Code, Coupon & Discount [2020]

Stationery is one of the most important tools required for studies, whether in academic institutions or offices. In fact, it is needed in our everyday lives by everyone. From noting recipes to making a menu planner, writing notes in class to setting New Year goals, stationery is needed by everyone.

With the rise of online shopping, many stationers have also built their websites and allow customers to order stuff they need online. Plum Paper is also one of them. Plum Paper offers its customers discount deals and promotional prices too, just to make sure that they get the best out of their online shopping experience. A list of these coupons and offers has been accumulated below.

Promo Code, Coupon & Discount

Accessories Promotion

Plum Paper Promo CodePlum paper offers 20% off the price when they buy 3 or more planners from their shop. This offer does not require a coupon code to be entered.

Pattern Of The Month Discount

Every month, Plum Paper selects a specific pattern on the 21st to help its customers. If the customers choose to design their customized planners, journals, notebooks, and stationery around this theme, then they receive a 10% discount on their orders. This discount is automatically applied to the cart once the ‘Pattern of the Month’ is selected as the base theme.

Yearly Subscription Offer

Customers who subscribe to Plum Paper for a year receive a free sticker kit for 3 months. Each kit consists of 6 sticker sheets and is enough to cover up the weekly/monthly planners.

Gift Cards

Plum Paper offers its customers to purchase gift cards and avail discounts based on the deals offered.

Promotional Deals

Currently Plum Paper is offering its customers attractive promotional deals. These include buying a customized 7”x9” planner with interchangeable cover just for $8. another offer includes purchasing a budgeted dashboard for a mere $4.

10% Off Deal

Customers can save up to 10% on their first order with Plum Paper. All they have to do is enter the referral code ‘welcome-224896MD’ at their check out. This offer is valid for first orders worth $30 or more.

Referral Rewards

If a customer refers to their friend to buy stationery from Plum Paper, the referee receives a 10% discount on their first order. The order must be worth $30 or more. Similarly, the referrer receives a $10 as their Plum Paper Rewards Dollar. These rewards expire within 30 days and need to be availed within them.

In order to avail the reward, the referee needs to sign-up using the link provided to them in their email via referrer’s courtesy. When they sign-up and place an order worth a minimum of $30, they are given a code to enter and receive the reward.

The rewards cannot be carried forward. This means if a referrer orders an $8 book in their next order and have the reward of $10 activated. The remaining $2 will not be carried forward.

Plum Paper Promo Code

About Plum Paper

Plum Papers is an online stationery shop based in America. Its physical outlet is located in San Diego, California where handmade planners and notebooks are crafted. Plum Paper, apart from selling its products on its website, uses platforms like Etsy too to sell its crafts.

Plum Papers deals in notebooks, journals, planners and recipe books. Customers are allowed to either order the readymade books or personalize and craft their own. Other than them it also sells other stationery tools and ships them to customer destinations. Plum Papers charges a shipping fee and none of the rewards it offers apply on it.