Popular Trends in Online Betting in 2020


The year 2020 has brought about numerous changes in almost everything – even in the betting industry. Due to COVID-19, the entire world came to halt and all sports activities were canceled. This came as a menace for the betting enthusiasts. However, they looked for another platform that could still be accessed and thus, turned to online games. The online gaming industry is already thriving with millions of players worldwide. Now and then, it incorporates new technology and provides a new opportunity for its players. Betting is also very common in video games. Therefore, sports betting supporters did not find it difficult to get in.

With most of the people restricted to their homes since early 2020, they had to look for ways they could still continue betting and keep earning through their leisure hobby. This gave online betting a massive boost and with that, the online betting industry observed some new trends.

This blog post sheds light on some of the top trends in the online betting industry as seen in 2020!

A Growing Number Of Players

There has been a rise in the number of players joining online betting websites. Surprisingly, a significant portion of these is women. Now it is no more a male-dominated field. Even the online betting website developers are launching features that are attractive to women and targeting women more for their products. Women are pulling off the game way better than the men and earning huge profits. This is a radical shift in the gender-biased betting field.

Secure Gaming

As technology is advancing, it is providing safer techniques for online betting. There are numerous ways for safe playing such as two-factor authentication and advanced login that includes facial recognition. You can also have faster withdrawals. Players love to have a safe playing environment. That is why they stick to trustworthy and premium bookmakers. To see what a secure gaming and betting website looks like, check this popular betting website out.

Betting On The Go

With the increase in smartphones, bookmakers and their customers are betting online. There has been increased dedicated software, allowing players to place bets and follow sports events live. Although there are mobile-friendly websites, the apps are easier to use. That is because they have a user-friendly interface and navigation is much easier. Moreover, apps are the quickest way to place a bet when you are not at home.

Apps also help the bookmakers to identify their customers’ location, preferred language, betting habits, and loyalty to them more precisely. It helps them to tailor their marketing efforts and keep you as a regular customer. Of course, betting apps are not created equal. For the best and safe experience, select your apps wisely.

New Sports And Markets Constantly Added

New sports and markets are constantly being explored for online betting. Not only the bookmakers are expanding their offer, but more and more players are also interested. When it comes to sports, water polo, billiards, and other less popular markets are added to the mix. Players can also try their luck in virtual football or basketball, as well as e-sports, which are nothing else than video gaming competitions.

ACCA Withdrawals

It helps the first-timers to play safe. The original term for ACCA is accumulator bets. In this game, you need to select four wagers and start predicting. If all your answers are correct, you win the complete amount. However, if you are unable to guess any one game, you will lose the entire bet. To help newbies, bookmakers have allowed withdrawing cash a few minutes before the final game. This is also known as early cashout. For example, you bet $100 on four separate teams. With an early withdrawal, you can cashout $80. This keeps people interested, as they do not lose hefty amounts of money.

Player-Based Betting

Online betting has a new trend of betting on a specific player rather than the teams. This is because it is safe to bet on players. After all, you are sure the likely outcome of the game will be positive with that specific player. For example, Messi is known as a legendary scorer and people feel naturally inclined to bet on him to score. In basketball, betting fans would rather prefer star individuals such as Lebron James as opposed to teams. They are unsure of the teams’ performances as a whole.

Credit Cards And Cryptocurrency Betting

There are new payment methods introduced by betting websites such as cryptocurrency. It is reliable, safe, and easier to handle. It is still in its infancy stage as many platforms cannot support it now. However, cryptocurrency is the currency in this field and may become a popular payment method in the future.

Live Betting

Live betting is one of the most popular trends in online betting. It allows players to bet while the game is on. You need to be attentive as the split-second changes in the game can drastically affect your payouts. However, many players who do not like the thrill and excitement attached to live betting prefer other betting aspects.


Whether the betting is online or traditional, the goal has been always to earn huge amounts of money. However, for a few, it is not about money but the thrill attached to it. With technology and innovation, every field tends to evolve and so is the case with betting. Let us see what is next.

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