Posters: Old as Gold but Never Outdated With Vistacreate

How to present something that should happen in relatively close terms? Which elements should this presentation contain? What are the most convenient ways of using an event poster? And finally, how to make the best posters with the minimum resources? The VistaCreate poster maker suggests the answers to all your questions.

How were posters changing through time?

The first question from the introduction suggests to us the idea that the mode of presenting future events was changing throughout time. It strongly depends on the technologies available for general use – their availability, price, complexity, etc. 

First, when people did not use printing commonly, they created posters with paper or canvas and hand-painting. The skills of commercial artists were highly appreciated in presenting theater or other public cultural events. 

When printing capacities became widely available, people used two-color printing. It was supposed to be black and white, but bleaching the paper was never cheap. So posters could look different depending on who prepared an event and its promotion.

With the development of the printing industry, posters became bigger, more colorful, and suggested various materials as a base. 

Nowadays, posters are not limited to only physical objects – their production usually begins in graphic editors, where everything is possible to make and remake as many times as you need without wasting materials. Furthermore, many posters are used exceptionally in Internet sources, particularly – social media.

What should a poster necessarily contain?

The contents of a poster depend on its specifics: the sphere of application, the purpose of use, the role in a system, or other actions that have a certain aim, etc. If it’s a promotional poster that informs about and promotes some event, it should have the info on the following:

  • whose even it is – which band, shop, or other organization is responsible for the event;
  • what is the gist of the event – is it a concert, a sale period, or the opening of a new museum hall;
  • date and time, or limits of the period;
  • place(s) where the event takes place or regions where the announced terms will be relevant;
  • the program or peculiarities of an event – what is the schedule the participants will follow;
  • who accompanies the event – names of special guests, speakers, and other celebrities that take part in the event;
  • other necessary info by choice of organizers or PR Dep.

The main principle to follow is that the poster should attract attention and communicate the main details of an event that is announced. The criteria of visual characteristics depend on the specific requirements of organizers or peculiarities of a sphere that this event touches on. 

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