Top Shady Rays Promo Code & Coupons

It is rather difficult to find the perfect pair of sunglasses that will be worn and utilized for running, hiking, working, surfing, and so much more. Polarized sunglasses? Everything is here at Shady Rays. Surely, you do not want to wear sunglasses that are too pricey, and will risk your health, will garner scratches, and will be lost. With this price, should you obtain these luxurious eyewear, you also do not want them to get dirty. It is also not quite perfect to just display them at home. You will wear these eyewear at particular points in your life. For these reasons, Shady Rays came about. Let us take a look at the top Shady Rays promo codes and coupons.

Shady Rays Promo Codes

Promo Code Discount Expiration
save25 25% Off Sitewide August 12, 2022
IGOT2 25% Off Sitewide On Two Or More Pairs June 17, 2022
NY20D 20% Off Your First Order May 18, 2022
XM50 50% Off 2 Or More Pairs Limited time
BLUE40 Blue Light Sale! 40% Off Blue Light Glasses Limited time
TAKE50 Take $50 Off Using Coupon Code Limited time
RT15X Take $15 Off Limited time
PMT35 Save 35% Off With Coupon Code Limited time
FRESH Save 40% Off Sitewide Using Code Limited time

25% Off Sitewide

Tap this coupon now to get up to 25 percent for your sitewide purchases at Shady Rays. You will get more time to save for this deal, as the promo is valid until August 12th, 2022.

The voucher code to use is save25.

Shady Rays offers various collections in the shop, including the Classics, the Oakmont, the Signature Series, the Velocity, the React, the X Series, the HighRise, the Titan, the Allure, the Aviator, the Ventura, the Lotus, the Azalea, the Calico, and so much more.

25% Off Sitewide On Two Or More Pairs

Up until June 17th, 2022, you can get the coupon code IGOT2 to score your 25 percent discounts sitewide on two or more pairs at Shady Rays.

20% Off Your First Order

The coupon code NY20D will give the opportunity for eyewear enthusiasts and those looking for polarized sunglasses to get 20 percent discounts on their first order with this voucher. Promo runs until May 18th, 2022 so you get more time to save for this deal.

Shady Rays offers eyewear for men, women, and kids. Shop now.

50% Off 2 Or More Pairs

The coupon code XM50 at Shady Rays will provide every shopper with their 50 percent discounts for two or more pairs at the store. Terms and conditions apply.

Blue Light Sale! 40% Off Blue Light Glasses

Rather than the green light sale, it is the Blue Light Sale here at Shady Rays. Take up to 40 percent discounts on Blue Light glasses with this coupon.

Choose Shady Rays for your polarized eyewear. Polarized sunglasses are specialized eyewear that are designed to reduce glare from surfaces like water, snow, and glass. The glare distorts the true color of the objects, so they are harder to distinguish. Polarized sunglasses are used when driving, helping the person see more clearly without the glare, thus avoiding any accidents.

Take $50 Off Using Coupon Code

Get the most out of Shady Rays. Take $50 discounts with the coupon code TAKE50 so you can save on your shopping at Shady Rays. Use this Shady Rays voucher now.

Take $15 Off

Tap the Shady Rays coupon code RT15X to get $15 off your purchases at Shady Rays. This promo runs for a limited time only.

The sunglasses at Shady Rays are supported with a Lifetime Craftsmanship Warranty, as well as Free Replacements, should you lose the eyewear in the lake, while hiking, and many other scenarios. Wear shades the way they are meant to be, guaranteed for life.

Save 35% Off With Coupon Code

The voucher code PMT35 will let you save up to 35 percent discounts at Shady Rays. Tap this coupon now.

Save 40% Off Sitewide Using Code

At Shady Rays, the coupon code FRESH will give access to up to 40 percent off sitewide. Shop now at the store.

Shady Rays also advocates against hunger. They want to go beyond getting recognized as a company that only sells sunglasses. They want to do their business with purpose. With your every order, 10 meals will be donated to fight hunger worldwide.

Quality polarized shades are what you need to get the best value for your savings. It is also crucial to find shops that feature free replacements when you lose or break your eyewear. Shady Rays is home to great shades that are durable so you never have to worry about breaking or losing them. If you come home without your perfect pair of shades, they got you covered with a replacement or new pairs in within a few days. They are independent and American-owned that can do things their way. Shop now at Shady Rays.