Shipping Your Car to Hawaii – Learn All About This Easy Process

Shipping your car to Hawaii may not be cheap, but with some advanced planning, you could save money by cutting costs. Visit auto transport company websites and request quotes tailored specifically for your shipment details; then compare quotes until you find one that best meets your budget. Keep in mind that prices vary based on season; for instance, summer and holiday shipping periods tend to cost more.

An economical method is what’s known as a “RORO” service (roll-on-roll-off). Your car will be loaded onto a large cargo ship along with other cars before unloading at its final port of call; this option often proves less costly than using private carriers for door-to-door delivery service.

Saving money while shipping your vehicle to Hawaii can also be accomplished by thoroughly cleaning it prior to handing it over to a transport company. Eliminating dirt, mud, and debris will make your ride look better when delivered and may prevent additional damage during transit. You can further lower costs by removing personal belongings – these must be removed as liability issues must be considered when shipping personal items internationally.

Depending upon where you reside on the mainland, driving your vehicle across land and sea may take two to three weeks, according to this site, depending on travel times to ports of departure as well as weather conditions along the route.

As soon as your car reaches Hawaii’s port of arrival, either you or a designated representative should inspect it for any damages that occurred during transport. The next step should be signing and accepting delivery from the carrier before clearing it through customs and driving away with a new Hawaiian car!


Hawaii can seem intimidating for car transport, with two separate processes involved for vehicle shipping: ground to mainland and ocean transport ( – making Hawaii’s transport process longer than others in the US and requiring extra fees like customs clearance and insurance costs to factor into your budget.

Cost varies with the size and shape of your vehicle; larger ones tend to cost more to transport. No matter how big your auto shipment might be, making an appointment as soon as possible will ensure its safe arrival – and potentially take advantage of any discounts that might be available!

Choose a reliable vehicle shipping company specializing in Hawaii transport for optimal results. They should offer customized quotes that suit both your needs and budget, and before scheduling transport, make sure that your car has been thoroughly cleaned out to remove personal belongings and avoid road debris damage during transport. Be sure that it also has at least 1/4 tank of gas in it with no loose items inside!


Car shipping companies provide various insurance options for the transport of your vehicle. Some companies offer coverage up to $100,000, while others may include comprehensive carrier insurance with every shipment. Regardless of which option you select, it is crucial that you understand its terms and conditions before booking it – be it open or enclosed transport; make sure the car is clean, free of personal belongings, with a quarter tank of gas installed and no alarm set before its departure date.

Hawaii car shipping companies ensure a thorough vehicle inspection before loading it onto a trailer for its journey across the ocean, looking for any signs of preexisting damage caused prior to the shipping process starting. Once loaded onto a trailer, once the carrier has finished inspecting and loading the vehicle, they require you to sign the bill of lading document as well as make payment for the balance due.

Selecting an auto transport company to ship your car to Hawaii can be an essential decision. Do your research by Googling “ship my car to Hawaii” and then by consulting reviews online and getting recommendations from friends and family. Check the company’s reputation by reading consumer complaints on websites such as Better Business Bureau – look for one with a proven record of reliability and customer service!


There are various factors that affect the cost of shipping a car to Hawaii, from size and weight considerations when calculating fees to type of car (sedans are often cheaper to ship than SUVs) as well as expenses such as fuel, trucking fees, driver salaries, and food costs; please keep in mind that these may differ depending on which company is chosen for delivery.

Once you have selected a shipping company, they will contact you a few hours in advance so they can collect your vehicle from home or a designated parking lot. When they arrive, they will inspect it thoroughly for damage or issues before asking you to sign a Bill of Lading and begin preparing it for its journey to Hawaii.

Shipping your car to Hawaii can be an efficient and cost-effective solution for anyone relocating from mainland US states. Your vehicle can help ease the transition, and shipping will ensure its safe arrival at its final destination.