Simple Guidelines to Make your Bitcoin Wallet Password Complex


When you have a bitcoin wallet created for the first time, you are certainly going to create your user account along with a password. It is important to remember that you are going to save all your information related to Bitcoins in a Bitcoin wallet. Hence, the password that you choose for your bitcoin wallet from any website like profit system has to be highly complex.

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Creating a strong password is an art, and there are a lot of people that take this step to likely and end up creating weak passwords and become victims of hackers. Through this article, we have listed some of the most important and easy guidelines that can be followed to create a bitcoin password that is strong and complex.

Never use your names

Generally, these days most of the systems refuse to take your password if it identifies your name being types in the password section. There are a few people who find it complicated to create complex passwords because of their forgetful nature and end up giving their names as the password for the Bitcoin wallet too.

This is one of the major mistakes that you could ever do. It is quite common for anybody to first make an attempt with your name while they are hacking and if you have given your name as the password for the Bitcoin wallet is rest assured to lose all the Bitcoins and the digital assets that you have acquired.

Go with alphanumeric characters 

Even if you want to give your name as a password, you can always choose to create a combination of alphanumeric characters with your password along with a few other special characters. It becomes extremely strong and complicated for the hackers to identify this, and they may not be able to decode it.

Never write your password

Some people have a very strange habit of writing down their passwords in their personal Diaries, books or notepads, and sometimes even on mobile phones as they tend to forget them. One must remember that all these things are easily accessible to everyone. The very moment someone finds the information related to your password details regarding your Bitcoin trading, you will be prone to stealth and hacking.

Don’t use the same password twice

Some people get emotional and sentimental about the password that they create and try to reuse the same password repeatedly. This is another mistake which most of the people do, and this is again going to create a lot of issues in terms of hacking.

Avoid using obvious words and phrases

There are instances where people that are close to you end up having your account, and this can happen when they know everything about you. There are certain common phrases and words which become your favorite, and you keep using them all the time.

If a hacker is around you and if you use the same word as your password, they can easily pick it up as it is pretty obvious. Also, technology is so advanced that the hackers have their own database called as dictionary attacks through which they can easily hack the algorithms of the password systematically and steal all the information related to your Bitcoin trading

Keep your password long

It is always good to have lengthy passwords because it becomes difficult for a person to decode long passwords. Typing your password every time might be difficult; however, the longer and the complex your password is lesser are the chances of hackers attacking them.

Change your passwords often

It is important and essential that you keep changing your passwords frequently on your Bitcoin wallet. Also, remember never to hit the option ‘Remember me’ on any other computer or even on your own system when you’re accessing your Bitcoin wallet, especially when it is a shared computer. Most of the people are lazy to type on passwords, and with remember me option, anybody can access your Bitcoin wallet by logging in to your system easily.

These are some of the ways that you can create a strong password and protect your Bitcoin wallet throughout without losing any information, assets, or coins.

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