Some Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Blockchain

Bitcoin is a precious and popular cryptocurrency. The current market cap of bitcoin is touching the market value of $800 billion. Moreover, the cryptocurrency king, bitcoin, underlines robust technologies such as a peer-to-peer network, Blockchain, and proof of work.

Blockchain, bitcoin mining, and peer-to-peer networks are the only reason behind the decentralization aspects of bitcoin. Since there are no government authorities that intervene in bitcoin, the cryptocurrency has its database, Blockchain. In addition, there are websites like – The Official site, which can help you get profitable results in your bitcoin expedition. Blockchain is currently the leading superior technology that is present in almost every industry, especially finance.

Blockchain is a database, which allows you to store information on it. Blockchain is undeniably very popular, but still, several people are unaware of the basic concept of Blockchain. So here are some frequently asked questions regarding Blockchain. So without wasting any further ado, let’s have a glance.

What is a Blockchain?

As mentioned ahead, Blockchain is a database where you can store information regarding any stuff. However, the Blockchain of bitcoin specifically stores information regarding bitcoin transactions and intelligent contracts regarding it.

Therefore, Blockchain is a much better database in contrast to the traditional database. Moreover, Blockchain offers you great perks as a database, such as immutability, transparency, and many more.

Who invented Blockchain?

Bitcoin is the first-ever implementation of the cryptocurrency concept. In 2009, a Japanese programmer named Satoshi Nakamoto invented the first cryptocurrency. Blockchain came up with bitcoin at the very first glance. Undeniably the basic concept of Blockchain was present in the industry, but Satoshi Nakamoto implemented the core notion of Blockchain for the very first time.

What are the features of Blockchain?

Blockchain is a very robust database in contrast to other databases. The prominent reason behind this fact is that Blockchain offers excellent perks to users. Some of the fascinating features that blockchain offers are as follows

Immutability- Since Blockchain is a decisive aspect of the bitcoin network as it stores information regarding bitcoin transactions, several potential threats exist. To mitigate the chances of thefts and mishaps, Blockchain comes up with immutability features.

Immutability of Blockchain defines that no one can alter the database present on the Blockchain. You are familiar with the bitcoin mechanism that underlies the hash function of secure hash algorithm 256. SHA-256 is a single-way hash function. All the more, it converts every message into an irreversible hashing function. Bitcoin’s peer-to-peer network has nodes, and every node has a blockchain copy.

Transparency – You are familiar with the fact that Blockchain is a public distributed ledger. Traditional databases are for a smaller group. However, Blockchain is public to all. So even you can access the Blockchain of bitcoin.

Decentralized- decentralized is one of the utmost sizzling features of Blockchain. Bitcoin is an entirely decentralized currency, and Blockchain helps bitcoin in achieving decentralization. Decentralization of Blockchain refers to the noninvolvement of government authorities in Blockchain. Moreover, no government authorities can alter the database present on Blockchain.

Who maintains the Blockchain?

Blockchain is a gigantic database, and a single entity cannot maintain bitcoin’s Blockchain. Bitcoin mining is the action that maintains and continues Blockchain. Bitcoin mining is the action of verifying bitcoin transactions to get the block reward.

Bitcoin miners have to decode some challenging and complicated math puzzles to get the block. Proof of work mechanism defines that a miner must solve a math puzzle at the very first instance in 10 minutes to get a block reward.

The prominent reason bitcoin miners have to solve a math puzzle is to assign a nonce value to every transaction. Thus, Bitcoin miners verify ample transactions and then compel these transactions in a block. The Bitcoin algorithm later broadcasts the block to Blockchain, and this is how bitcoin miners maintain the Blockchain.

Bitcoin miners have to contribute enormous processing powers to solve the math puzzle, as the bitcoin mining industry is very competitive. The bitcoin mining algorithm adjusts the difficulty of math puzzles based on bitcoin miners working on that explicit math puzzle. The size of each Blockchain in the Blockchain is one megabyte, and the current size of the Blockchain is 350 gigabytes; you can calculate the number of blocks present on the chain.

These are some of the frequently asked questions regarding Blockchain.