Sprint – Bill Payment Options

There are several ways in which customers can choose to make their bill payments for Sprint today, according to what suits them better. Sprint has provided its customers with an extensive range of options in order to make it easier for them to make their bill payments.

Here are some of the bill payment options offered by Sprint to its customers:

Automatic Payments

You can choose to go on to the website http://www.sprint.com/paybill  and then click on the link provided for the ATM/Debit or Credit Card and the Bank Account in order to set up an automatic bill payment method for your Sprint bill.


You can also choose to Sign in to your My Sprint account on sprint.com and then click on the section ‘Make a Payment’ in the billing section of the ‘My Account Tab’ provided. From there you can schedule, cancel or modify your payment.

Your Phone

You can choose to make your payments through your phone as well. There are 3 different options provided:

  • First login to your My Sprint account on the website then clicks on the “Make a Payment’ button located on the Pay Bill Drawer. From there on you will be able to cancel a payment, modify it or schedule a payment.
  • You can also launch the Sprint Zone app from your phone and then click on the button for ‘My Account’, after that select the option for ‘Pay My Bill’ from where you can cancel, modify or schedule a payment to your account.
  • Dial *3 on your Sprint phone and then follow the steps to make your payment.

Sprint Store

You can make your bill payment by stopping into a Sprint store and selecting a payment method from the automated payment machine.


You can choose PreCash products in order to pay your Sprint bill at participating service providers that are located at over 40,000 different locations nationwide, including RadioShack as well. You can also visit the PreCash website in order to locate the nearest location near you for making the bill payment.


You can also make your bill payment through the ExpressPayment Service which is found at over 40,000 MoneyGram agent locations, which also include CVS/Pharmacy stores, Wallmart and over 2,300 7-Eleven locations or through the online MoneyGram website.

You will need to provide the following Sprint information in order to make a MoneyGram payment:


Code: 3472

Englewood CO (Colorado)

If you want to avoid any delays, then also provide your number account number. If you choose this method then a small transaction fee will also be applied.


You can also choose to make your bill payments at over 8,000 authorized agents found in every major metropolitan area. You can also visit the website of IPP in order to find out the nearest IPP Payment Center available for you.


You can also mail your bill payment to the following address:


P.O. Box 4191

Carol Stream, IL 60197-4191

All these bill payment options are provided to customers of Sprint.