Top Summit Racing Coupons and Promo Codes

It was in 1968 when a young engineer founded Summit Racing Equipment as a part-time parts shop in Ohio. Summit Racing Equipment grew to be one of the world’s in-demand racing equipment stores offering great products at markdown prices, with coupons and promo codes for its customers to enjoy. Among the products in their catalog are air and fuel delivery products, cooling and heating equipment, exhaust, ignitions and electrical, marine, safety equipment, wheels and tires, and so much more. Here are the best racing coupons and promo codes at Summit Racing.

Summit Racing Coupons, Discounts and Promos

Promo Code Discount Expiration
Piston Up to $100 Off With Minimum Spend Limited time
COUPON25 Get 25% Off $15+ Orders Limited time
Save120 Get Up To $120 Off On Your Order With Minimum Spend Limited time
No coupon code required 10% Off Entire Rust Bullet Line


Limited time
XS12FS Enjoy Free Shipping On Your Purchase At Summit Racing


Limited time

Up to $100 Off With Minimum Spend

Discounts can get a long way, and when you are looking for racing equipment, whether parts for your truck and SUV, stock replacement, restoration equipment, or gifts, shop for your choices at Summit Racing as it offers great discounts. Get $100 off with a minimum spend of $1,199. Not just this, you can also get $10 off on $199 purchases, $20 off on $299 minimum spend, $30 off on minimum purchase of $499.

Get 25% Off $15+ Orders

The best racing gear, equipment, and parts will enhance the way you drive your vehicles. With inflation rates and increasing prices in the market, it is advisable that you find discounts that will maximize the potential of your purchase.

With Summit Racing, you can get 25 percent off when you order their products at $15 and above. To get this amazing discount, use the code COUPON25.

Get Up To $120 Off On Your Order With Minimum Spend

Then, another good deal with Summit Racing is giving away $120 off on orders with minimum spend. You can use the coupon code Save120 to snag the discount. You will never have to worry about investing too much just to acquire racing equipment. Only, you just have to spend a minimum amount to enable the discount on your shopping.

Summit Racing Coupon

10% Off Entire Rust Bullet Line

To treat corroded and rusted parts, utilize Rust Bullet, a patented rust inhibitor coating you can simply paint on to take away having to pre-treat products or special surface preparations. This penetrates the rusted areas of the metal, dehydrates the rust, and turns it solid once more through intertwining itself with the resin matrix, becoming whole with the coating.

You do not have to spend more when you need the Rust Bullet with you. There is 10 percent off the entire Rust Bullet line, giving you the opportunity to save more upon purchase.

Enjoy Free Shipping On Your Purchase At Summit Racing

Imagine deducting the cost of free shipping when you buy the products you want. Use the coupon code XS12FS to enjoy shipping for free on your purchase at Summit Racing. Simply enter the code on the box at checkout, and have your products delivered to you without the costs at shipping.

About Summit Racing

Trademarked as the World’s Speed Shop, Summit Racing was founded in the 1960s as a part-time parts business in Stow, Ohio. Since then, the company has grown into one of the world’s renowned provider of racing parts and equipment at great deals and prices. Among its retail locations are Nevada, Georgia, Texas, and Ohio.