Team Building Ideas for More Collaborative Teams

According to a workplace collaboration statistic from, roughly 75% of employees deemed collaboration and teamwork as important. It’s one of the most important skills that a company can obtain for the sake of employee success. If you’re curious to find out more ideas to improve communication amongst employees, then we suggest that you stick tuned for the upcoming advice that’s yet to come. You won’t want to miss this!

Collaborative Teams

Collaborative teams work together towards a common goal. A perfect example of this would be marketing teams working on a campaign for a client. The purpose of having a collaborative team is to increase trusts with one another and increase productivity. After all, everyone wants to succeed at their goals.

Importance of Team Building

As the saying goes: Teamwork makes the dream work. Based on a statistic from, companies and organizations that communicate effectively are 4.5 times more likely to retain the best employees. This indicates that team building actually does work! There are several reasons why employees can have falling outs, and other bad work relationships with their coworkers. Most of them are due to the lack of trust, engagement and horrible communication. If you want to seek some change, now’s the time to look for positive changes within your collaborative teams. Let’s take a look at the nine ideas for effective building, shall we?

9 Team Building Ideas for More Collaborative Teams

  1. Establish Compensation Culture
    Not to say that everyone deserves a gift, but what this actually means is that it’s an amazing concept to recognize excellent work performance of an employee. Even praising the slightest details in someone’s work can brighten that person’s day. Conducting great camaraderie amongst collaborative teams is one strategy that can stir up a positive reaction in a corporate environment.
  2. Have the “Brainstorming” Session
    The best way to solve problems is to come together as a team to talk it out. Whether it’s using Huddle rooms, interactive displays, team management software, or interactive displays, you want to create sessions where everyone on your collaborative team can discuss and diversify ideas. Before conducting a session, consider techniques such as storyboarding, and round-robinin, and brainwriting for effective sessions.
  3. One-on-one Conversations
    More like peer-to-peer conversations with one another. According to, there has been a 50% positive change in communication patterns within the workplace due to social interaction outside of the workplace. This method of communication will increase the resolving of conflicts as well as increase positive attitude towards relationships outside of work.
  4. Lunch Outings

    Another idea to connect better with your colleagues is to have lunches or going to happy hour events together. Having lunch, or having lunch catered at work can bring all of your employees together. Each and every one of your team members within your collaborative team will get to have the chance of knowing each other outside of work, and possibly build a strong foundation of trust. This is essential to teamwork because not only will you improve communication, but also a good food to look forward to!
  5. Volunteer Opportunities
    Volunteering outside of work will enhance the value of teamwork with collaborative teams. Involving your workplace in giving back to nonprofits can help make a difference in the community. Offering or hosting volunteering opportunities and events can increase participation among employees as well as improve your company’s culture with newly acquired skills.
  6. Change Up Your Routines
    With the opportunity of working from home nowadays, the transitions in working together as a collaborative team test the challenges of working together remotely. However, it’s okay to change up routines in the workplace, especially for employees who are working together in collaborative teams. This should be the time where teams should take on the challenge of working in different environments. Yes, it’s good to stay consistent, but changing up your normal routines a bit can go a long way. This will not only increase productivity but also help collaborative team members become more accepting and resolving conflicts effectively.
  7. Implement Healthy Lifestyle at Work
    You want to discourage the stigma of despising the idea of going to work every day because not only does that promote negativity in a collaborative team environment, but also triggers the lack of communication with one another, and failure to meet objectives and goals. Adding health benefits such as healthy snack bars, drinks, massages, yoga classes, emotional support animals, or even possibly gym memberships can help maintain the perks that can maximize levels of productivity.
  8. Games, Games, and More Games
    We’re not just referring to simple board games, but possibly taking day trips or going out to bowl or play arcade games filled with team building activities. Taking time out of your regular weekly schedules can affect a collaborative team. Not only does it keep you away from serious work all the time, but it also stimulates your brain to think outside of the box and bring employees out of their comfort zone.
  9. Celebrate Your Collaborative Team

    Last but not least, always celebrate your collaborative teams. You want to praise your team for staying on track with major objectives. When acknowledging the work that your collaborative team has done, it shows that there is a highlight that employees within that collaborative team can look forward to the next time the next goal comes around.

Bottom Line

Before thinking about applying our top nine ideas to your collaborative teams, plan out what you think is best for your employees. How do all of them get along well or communicate? If there are certain sections that they lack, remember that there is never too much space for improvement. One of the main takeaways with team building ideas is how much they strengthen work relationships. It can be hard to run a tight ship especially with collaborative teams during this pandemic, but we can assure you that it’s possible! Another takeaway from this is coming up with creative team building ideas.

Whether it’s going out for lunch or hosting a cook-off, it’s encouraged to let collaborative team members let off some steam from the real serious work. Nothing is better than strengthening the bond between work and employee camaraderie. Lastly, never forget to praise the members of your collaborative teams. Everyone has worked hard to do their part, which is why it’s important one should receive the praise and recognition that they deserve.