The Basic Website Development Process Checklist

Top-quality websites don’t just happen; they follow a detailed e-commerce website development process. These websites take time to develop and they involve a highly skilled team. When you work closely with an award-winning web development agency, your site will help you to generate sales. Well-developed sites cost more upfront but you will see a return on your investment. From the outset, the agency will make sure that you are clear about your goals. The website will then be built specifically to meet your needs while also taking the customer experienced into consideration.

Wondering what is the process of website development? It typically includes:

  1. Providing a detailed brief about your company
  2. Gathering and creating content
  3. Designing a prototype of the website
  4. Finalizing a custom design for your business
  5. Writing the code and ensuring the site runs efficiently
  6. Testing and looking for errors
  7. Making the site public

This isn’t always a linear process and some of these stages may run parallel to each other. However, the website development process steps will always run more smoothly if you collaborate closely with the project manager.

It’s important to note that launching the site isn’t the end of the development process. You will need to maintain your site consistently so it can continue performing optimally. If you ignore your site, you won’t know when something goes wrong. You could even lose your domain if you aren’t careful.

What Ongoing Website Maintenance Involves

By their very nature, custom websites are all different. Not every site will require the same updates and maintenance services. However, most website owners need to:

  • Renew their domain annually
  • Back up the site regularly
  • Pay the hosting company an annual fee
  • Keep the site spam-free
  • Analyze user habits and make adjustments if required

For many business owners, keeping on top of maintenance is difficult. If this aspect of the e-commerce website development process will put a strain on your operations, you may need to outsource the task. The company that built your website will likely offer you a monthly maintenance plan. Handing over the maintenance to the professionals will allow you to focus on your core business.

Let’s look at some of the basic services you may want to pay for on a monthly basis.

ServiceEstimate monthly Cost
Secure sockets layer certificateUp to $125
Website hostingUp to $835
Ongoing website improvementApproximately $1000
General maintenance$15
Reports on website analytics$5

You may find the entire e-commerce website development process to be complicated and costly. However, the benefits of a custom-designed website and a sound business strategy can’t be overstated. To find a good website designer and developer is very crucial for your business. With an efficient, optimized website, you can attract new customers, make more sales, and grow your business over the long-term. Choosing the right development company can make all the difference in the process.