The Benefits of Live Streaming Your Wedding

In today’s high-tech world, the way we experience events has transformed big time. This is undoubtedly for the better! Now, for the recent technological trends, live streaming your wedding can benefit you to a great extent.

Your guest can still be part of your special day, even if it’s not physically. In such a case where you encounter an issue with travel or any last-minute emergencies, one of your guests might not be able to make it. But, thanks to living streaming, they can still be part of your wedding. Wedding live streaming is definitely a thing, especially in the current days of the COVID-19 pandemic, where the number of guests you could invite is greatly restricted. These are just some of the many perks of live steaming your wedding.

Let’s have a look at the many benefits of live streaming your wedding in detail below:

Why Live Stream Your Wedding?

When Guests Can’t Make It

You may have a loved one or a friend who is ill or unable to travel overseas for your wedding for any reason whatsoever. You might also have guests, including the elderly, who are too fragile to travel or are uncomfortable about coming to crowded gatherings amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Then there might be guests whose country imposed travel restrictions at the last minute. These situations are incredibly possible, keeping in mind the pandemic situation.

In such situations, live streaming your wedding offers a chance to your guests to be virtually present without risking their health or feeling bad about having missed a very important event.

Destination Wedding

In a case where you and your fiancé have opted for a destination wedding on a far-off island, consider live streaming. A destination wedding is a beautiful experience, but some of your guests might not be able to make it.

This is because they have to contend with travel costs, lodging, food, and everything in between. There is a higher chance that your guest would excuse their attendance, looking at the expenses of attending your destination wedding. However, you can enjoy your day feeling assured that your dear ones can still be a part of your big day through live streaming of your wedding. They would know exactly how much fun your wedding was!


Elopement is a good idea for a quick, easy, and intimate marriage. It means donning a dress and heading to a courthouse for a private ceremony without friends and family. However, in the pandemic, the idea of a private wedding ceremony has become quite common.

For now, people might elope in the case where you have to postpone your wedding indefinitely. Whatever your reason is, don’t feel pigeon head by the term. If you want to invite a long list of guests, add them for live streaming. It’s the perfect way of making your dear ones feel included yet not having to include them.

A Unique Idea

Live streaming your wedding is undoubtedly a unique and beautiful idea. Sure, you will have a wedding photographer and videographer at your destination to capture some of the most beautiful moments. But, this takes time. Your friends and family who live in other countries may be too eager to see how the vent went. With live streaming, you can let them enjoy your day with you. Live streaming your wedding isn’t just a unique idea, but it’s a truly beautiful one!

Your Venue Can’t Accommodate Everyone but Live Stream Can

Maybe you are getting married in a small church, or you are not opting for a grand ballroom because your budget doesn’t allow it. Either way, live streaming is a good option. Invite as many guests as you want, and make them part of your special day. There is no limit, and all of your friends and family can be a part of your celebration.

Everyone Can Attend Despite Their Busy Schedules

If some of your friends and family can’t make it to your wedding because of conflicting schedules, you can take the ceremony right to their phone through live streaming. Give them a chance to watch you lovebirds getting married from anywhere in the world.

How Can You Live Stream Your Big Day?

When it comes to living stream your wedding, there are a few options that you might want to consider.

DIY or Hire a Professional

If you are hosting an intimate ceremony from your home, you can live stream using your laptop or phone. However, if you wish to record it professionally, you can always look up to a professional.

Professional Equipment

Besides streaming applications or software, you need the right gear to live stream your big day. If you are adding streaming in-person, consider getting a tripod, a backup device, a charger case handy enough to ensure you capture every moment.

Also, make sure to confirm the Wi-Fi speed at your venue. In case there is a connection problem, you can make changes accordingly.

Make Your Team

When you live stream your big day, make sure you convey responsibilities to your team. Dedicating tasks ensures a smooth experience, especially when working with multiple vendors.

Plan Right

Think in detail about the whole process. Look at all aspects of live streaming, including setup, planning, timing, engagement, during the event. Think about angles too! Figure that if you want your guests to be virtually present or participate in activities. You can customize your plan accordingly. But, make sure to make it memorable for you and your spouse!

Happy Wedding!