The Best Activities for Seniors to Do in the Fall

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The cooler temperatures might mean that the days of swimming at the beach or picnicking at the park are over, but that doesn’t that there aren’t plenty of activities that seniors can enjoy during the fall. You will want to try all four of these by the time that winter arrives:


There are lots of creative projects that you can do during the fall. You can decorate your doors with DIY fall wreaths to make your living space feel warm and welcoming. You can carve pumpkins for your doorstep. Or paint sugar pumpkins and gourds as dining table decorations.

If you love doing crafts and learning new skills, then you’ll want to join a senior living community that has lots of creative events, classes, and workshops available. These senior homes in Ottawa have more than luxury senior apartments available — they have monthly calendars full of exciting and creative activities that you can take part in. These activities go further than the fall. In these homes, you can show off your artistic side all year round.


Knitting is an amazing hobby to pick up for the fall. What else would fight off the chilly weather better than a soft pair of knitted house slippers? Thick wool socks? Or cozy infinity scarves?

Knitting is more than convenient for those cold, windy days — it’s good for you, too. One of the best health benefits of knitting is that it reduces stress and makes you feel calm. So, if you’re wound up and agitated, you can grab your needles and a spool of yarn and jump into a new pattern. Soon enough, you’ll find that you feel relaxed and refreshed.


Walking is the perfect fall exercise. It’s easy on your joints. It gets your heart rate up. It gets you outside, where you can take in some sunshine and breathe in the fresh air. And it’s a good way to follow important fall self-care tips so that you feel great physically and mentally throughout the season.

There are lots of ways that you can make your afternoon walk more exciting:

  • Bring a camera to snap photos of the changing scenery. The brightly colored trees will make for incredible pictures.
  • Bring a pair of binoculars and see what birds haven’t flown south yet.
  • Bring your dog and take a break to play fetch with any fallen sticks or pinecones.


That’s right. There’s still time to toil in the soil. You can squeeze in these gardening projects before the snow hits the ground:

  • Start planting your spring bulbs, like daffodils, tulips, and snowdrops.
  • Plant shrubs and trees before the weather get too cold.
  • Use dead leaves to make mulch or to make a base for a compost bin.
  • Run some maintenance. Prune shrubs, pull out weeds, and fertilize the soil.
  • Pot delicate plants and move them inside. Your herb garden can flourish inside by the windowsill.
  • Get in the spirit of the season and decorate with gourds. You don’t have to wait for Halloween to do it.

This season is all too short. It will be winter before you know it. Get started on these great activities now before it’s too late.